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My name is Tyson Brown.

And I’m just your everyday guy who loves fitness.

I’m a coffee lover, online coach, superhero movie buff and Intermittent Fasting Expert.

I will help you build a lean body like the almighty Thor and get rid of that stubborn belly fat for good!

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Recent Blogs

20/03/2018 in Podcast

Podcast Episode #51 – Do You Make These Excuses

Summary   Everyone makes some type of excuse when it comes to taking care of our health. The most common one is not having enough time in the day. Here's…
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19/03/2018 in Intermittent Fasting

Why Intermittent Fasting Might Not Work For You

Intermittent Fasting is still growing in popularity and more and more people seem to be jumping on the trend. It's funny because I've been following this and teaching my clients…
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15/03/2018 in Podcast

Podcast Episode #50 – Lawrence Judd: It’s Not Just About The Muscle

Summary Health and fitness has a lot more than just going to the gym and working out to make muscle gains. That’s only one part of the equation. When it…
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13/03/2018 in Podcast

Podcast Episode #49 – How To Boost Fat Loss, Focus And Mental Energy

Summary   Being able to have more energy levels during the day is one of the keys to help you stay on track, burn more calories, push yourself harder and…
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