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Every day you’re bombarded by different newspapers, online articles and blogs telling you that this is the best new diet, or that you should stop eating a certain food, yet two weeks later you hear the exact opposite of what you’ve been told.

In this post, I want to share with you some tried and true tips that will help you towards your weight loss goals.

The best diet

Let’s start off with the most important and that is diet. Every week you hear about a new fad diet that comes out.

  • Paleo, Vegan
  • Bulletproof
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Low Carb, High Carb
  • Breatharian

On and on the list goes and they all spout how this is the one and only diet for you to lose weight.

But they’re all WRONG, there is no one best diet. Each human is different and depending on your genes and your behaviours are what’s really going to determine what the best diet is for you.

When you look at the longest living nations there are wide differences in their diets, yet they are all healthy.

Okinawans eat a lot of rice and fish.
Greeks consume a lot of oils.

The key factor in all of their diets is whole foods, not a lot of processed junk.

Don’t get caught up in the latest fads, look at what’s worked for 100’s of years and follow that.

Never Eat A Certain Food Again!

“One food you should never consume” was a headline I saw the other day and this is just plain ridiculous.

Any food consumed in excess can be bad for you, too much fruit consumption leads to an overabundance of fructose. Too much red meat or coconut oil leads to excess saturated fat consumption. Too much alcohol leads to alcohol poisoning and too much water can cause hyponatremia (similar to a head stroke but due to an overconsumption of water).

Instead of saying you should never eat a certain food and restrict yourself forever, you need to limit certain “trigger foods” that cause you to overeat and binge. If you eat a whole block of chocolate every time it’s in the house, then that is a trigger food for you and you shouldn’t bring it home.

Instead of cutting it out completely and depriving yourself of something you enjoy, you just need to change how frequently you eat it and how easy it is to access.

When you want a piece of chocolate make it hard for yourself to go and get it. If you have to physically go to the shops to buy it and eat it, then you’re not going to slip up as much.

For me, I can have 1 square of chocolate a day and be done with it, but if there’s icecream in the freezer and I know about it, it’s going to be gone by the end of today, so I just don’t bring it in the house.

Everyone’s got certain trigger foods and you need to figure out what yours are.

Chew more

Have you ever timed yourself how long it takes to eat food? If you’re like me you’re usually in a rush and you try and scoff it down as fast as possible, never really tasting the food or taking the time to actually chew it (yes apparently we do need to chew food). Studies have shown that when people chew more on their food they eat less than they usually would because there’s more time for the body to become aware it’s actually full and telling your brain to say “hey stop eating”.

Chewing also activates certain enzymes in the saliva to help break down your food more and improve your digestion and absorption of certain nutrients that your body needs.

Try and chew each piece of food 25 – 35 times before swallowing and as a bonus put the fork down between each meal.

It’s ok to be hungry

If you’re trying to lose body fat then you’re going to be hungry, that’s just a fact.

You’re going to be eating less food than you’re used to and that means that your stomach is going to tell your brain that it wants more.

Just because you’re feeling hungry doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to eat, if you listen to your body and eat every time you feel hungry you aren’t going to lose any weight. Yes, It’s going to be uncomfortable but you have to just ride it out and get used to it.

Ususally the hunger will go away after 15 – 20 minutes and you will completely forget about it so just ride it out. After a few days, the body is going to get used to eating less food and you’re not going to have those feelings as often, but they’re still going to come up (I get hunger cravings all the time and I’m bulking at the moment)

One way to help with this is to drink a black coffee, tea or even just drink some water.

Eat your damn vegetables

I know this last point is pretty obvious, but do you really follow this advice much? Having a few pieces of broccoli every day doesn’t cut it. You’re not a child anymore and you have to learn to eat loads of vegetables. Why? they provide you with energy, help you keep fuller for longer, are full of important vitamins and minerals your body needs for things like hormone functions, losing body fat and tissue repair, they aid in digestion and gives your body life.

Why? they provide you with energy, help you keep fuller for longer, are full of important vitamins and minerals your body needs for things like hormone functions, losing body fat and tissue repair, they aid in digestion and gives your body life.

Every night before you go to bed, cut up 5 handfuls of different types of vegetables, throw them in a container for the next day and you’re good to go.

You can blend them all together, you can snack on them during the day or you can just have them with meals. It doesn’t matter how you eat them, just make sure you get them in your body!


Life Changing Tips

These tips aren’t new, they’re not sexy and they’re not fancy, but they do work that’s for sure. If you work on each one of these practices for the next two weeks, I promise you that in 10 weeks you’re going to be a completely healthier, happier and better-looking person because of it.


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