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Keeping motivated when you don’t feel like it

Do you remember the first time you wanted to start exercising, what was the reason behind it? Did you want to lose some weight, put on some muscle, maybe it was to look good naked? Just take a minute to really reflect on why you started in the first place….

I’ll be honest and tell you why i started: For me it was to lose a little bit of weight and stop being a chubby chaser. I was I was about 15 and my Breno and i had a goal to get 6 packs. We notices all of the footy players at  and all of the fit looking guys at school were getting the girls, so we thought that if we got 6 packs we would also get the girls. We set a goal that we could work towards and we decided to get a gym membership and go for it. We had no idea what we were doing at first and it took a long time to understand how to exercise properly. We found out you can’t just do crunches and ab exercises for the whole time and expect to get ripped 6 packs . But nothing stopped us from trying to achieve our goals, we were determined!  Every time we learned something new or understood we were doing an exercise wrong we would fix it. It took me a long time to reach that goal and i also realised that girls don’t just want a guy who has a 6 pack (damn it). Anyways as i achieved that goal, i had already set myself another one and that was just to build some real muscle.

Fast forward 2 years and i started to lose motivation for the gym, i just didn’t feel like going some days because i didn’t have a goal anymore, i just felt like i had hit a rut and i was going through the motions. I knew i had to find something that would get me back into the swing of things and excite me , and that’s when i started learning about lifting heavy and being strong.  Seeing how people can pick up huge stones, cars, and ridiculous amounts of weight really inspired me to want to become one of those guys, and that’s what i wanted to do. I have goal now to compete in powerlifting and strongman events and it gives me something i need to work towards,  i get excited to train for a competition and i love training people for them.

The point of that story and the reason i asked you to think about what first made you go to the gym is to remember how it felt when you had that first goal, when you had the drive to really achieve it. Do you still have the same goal or Did you achieve it? And now do you have a new one? What exactly are you training towards? It can be fun going to the gym to improve your overall fitness but for me there came a point where  it wasn’t  fun and coming in just because didn’t cut it, it get’s boring and repetitive when you do things over and over again for no reason. That’s when you start to skip days or even weeks.

If you feel like you’re losing motivation to train i suggest you review the goals you have set for yourself or if you don’t have a goal i suggest you choose something to work towards. It could be something very simple like: “every week i want to get stronger” so now you have something to train for, you record every session; the reps and sets and the weights you used then the next week or next session you try and bump it up a little bit. You might do 3 sets of 10 for 60kg on the bench press, next week try and do 12 reps each set with 60kg (you just got stronger) every week you can make small increments in either your volume, intensity or weight. Maybe there’s an event coming up you want to train for or a competition. The point of a goal is that now you have something you want to achieve, you have that spark that you’ve been looking for to re ignite the fire.

Make it Specific!

You can’t just set yourself a broad goal like i’m going to lose weight, or i’m going to gain muscle (this is where i stuffed up). It must be a specific goal so you can have a clear vision in mind. So for me it’s to get stronger for my competitions, i look at what weights i need to be able to lift and i work towards them. If you want to lose weight make sure you have a number, or even better have a set of measurements or a  body fat percentage that you want to work towards. The more specific you make it the more clear you can see your goal and the more drive you will have to actually want to achieve that goal.

It’s sad to see  people stop exercising because the get bored or lose motivation, they become weak and go back to being average.  I don’t want that  to happen to you, i want you to be strong, i want you to be able to kick ass in life and work towards something. You should always have goals in all areas of your life; long and short term. Set yourself some goals and go  after them today!

I will do a longer post about setting goals, but i just wanted to get this out there first because it’s about 3 months into the new year and i know some people are losing motivation


What to do next

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Stay Strong. Live Long.


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