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bulking on the whole 30

Recently, I finished my whole 30 challenge and I’m proud to say I absolutely nailed it! 

For 14 days I cut out:

  • Dairy,
  • Grains,
  • Legumes,
  • Sugar,
  • Honey
  • and Artificial sweeteners

    Was it hard? Yes, but not as hard as I thought it would be.

    The only reason it wasn’t hard as hard as it would have been is because of what I  told myself in my mind. 

    Instead of telling myself it was going to be hard, I told myself it was going to be easy.

    Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t eat, I focused on what I could eat.  

    When I told people about this challenge, a lot of them asked me, “what can you eat”?

    After telling them all of the foods I was eating, they were a bit shocked because they forgot how much food there is out there.

    Do you realise how many types of vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, and whole foods are out there?  

Here’s what happens when I googled “how many types of potatoes are there”?

Answer: There are over 180 wild potato species.

You could eat one different potato with a different taste for 180 days straight.

When you focus on the positives of your challenge and you look at the upside instead of always focusing on the restrictions you’re much more likely to stick to your goal.

By the way, for those of you wondering what happened to my body after 14 days of cutting out all of those foods…


 I managed to gain weight

How did that happen when I cut out all of the “evil” foods?

Simple, I just ate more calories than I burned during the day.

You see, the reason I decided to challenge myself to the whole 30 diet is that I wanted to prove that it doesn’t matter what type of diet you’re on you can still gain weight.

There isn’t just one food or food group that’s going to make you blow up like a balloon.


What matters is how much you’re actually shoving into your mouth every day.

If you’re not losing weight it’s not because you’re on the wrong diet, it’s because you’re either eating too much food or you’re sitting on your ass too much.

I know this might seem hard to grasp but unfortunately, this is just how real life works.

No certain diet is going to be the cure for your weight loss (I should know because I tried a lot of them when I first started).

  • Vegan
  • Paleo
  • Bulletproof
  • Intermittent fasting

They all work, but they aren’t a magical answer. The reason they work is because they help you restrict the amount of food you’re eating and encourage you to exercise.

So instead of searching for the perfect diet, the first thing you should do is look at your current diet and think what’s not working?

Is it the 3 flat white coffees with sugar you’re having every day? 
Is it those “healthy protein balls” that you buy and eat 3 or 4 a day?
Is it the amount of alcohol you’re drinking on the weekend?

I suggest you really take the time to look back at what you’re eating throughout the week and think about what could be stopping you from losing that stubborn fat.

Whenever  I start with a new client I always suggest to them to keep a food journal so they can really see what they’re eating and how much.

You can use apps like myfitness pal, write it out, or even take a photo of everything you eat and drink over the next week to get a clear picture of what’s actually going on.

You will be surprised when you look at all of those sneaky unprocessed foods that seem to pop up during the week, like the piece of birthday cake that your coworker brought in, or those few wines you had on a Tuesday night because of the stressful day you had at work, all of those things add up.

Bonus hint: Look at what you eat and drink from Friday – Sunday this will take a lot of mystery out of why you can’t lose that stubborn fat.

You don’t know what to change if you don’t know what’s going on, so becoming aware is the first key to start changing your eating habits. Once you become aware of what you’re eating, how much you’re eating and when you tend to eat and snack you’re going to have the power to make the change for the better and transform your health.

Now this blog post is very in your face and it’s because when I try and be nice about this to people it just doesn’t work, so I thought i’d do something that’s really going to grab your attention.

Once you grasp this concept and become aware of what you’re eating, it’s all easy going from there.

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