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Sticking to a Cardio Routine, Without Getting Bored

Cardio exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Even if you prefer weights, cardio has many advantages. One of the main benefits is that it keeps your heart healthy. It gets it pumping faster, giving it a great workout, which helps to keep it healthy. Exercising your heart more often improves your stamina and fitness levels and decreases your risks of developing heart conditions in later life. Cardio exercise also increases your metabolism, helps your ability to recover from injuries, boosts your mood, helps you to look after your mental health and works your muscles. Doing cardio regularly can help to keep you physically and mentally healthy, decrease your stress levels, improve your mood, help you to sleep and give your physical performance a big boost. But, it’s boring.

Some people love cardio exercise. They love nothing more than going for a run around the park. They use it as a way to clear their heads after a long day or to take a break from real life. Others hate it. The idea of swimming laps or running around the same route twice a week is hell. It’s boring, it offers no excitement or interest, and they just can’t push themselves to do it. Here is a look at some great ways to stick to a cardio routine, without boring yourself.

Cycle to Work

If cardio bores you, don’t just do it for the sake of it. Use it as a way to get places. You’ve got to go to work anyway, so instead of sitting in the car in traffic for an hour every morning, find out more about bikes, start cycling to work and get your cardio in when you’ve got nothing better to do. It can’t be any more boring than sitting in traffic.

Change it Up

The problem that many people have with cardio is that they do the same thing every time. If it bores you, stop doing it. Try swimming, running, brisk walking, and cycling as well as things like kickboxing, spinning and other classes at your local gym.


Set Goals

Often people that don’t enjoy cardio have no goals to reach. They don’t enjoy it because there’s no aim. No goals mean that there’s never any success to celebrate. So, set yourself some goals. Have a big goal, perhaps a 10k race or another event. Then, set yourself weekly targets. Work hard to hit them and celebrate your successes.


Get it Over With

If you hate cardio or find it boring, you’ll put it off, and make excuses not to do it. So, don’t let yourself. Get it out of the way first thing in the morning and then it’s done.


Train with a Friend

If you are bored by dull cardio, stop doing it alone. Either take a friend along, so that you’ve got someone to talk to. Or, hire a personal trainer so that you’ve got someone to push you forward, keep you on track and offer you tips to spice up your routine. Even listening to a podcast can help.


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