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Compounds exercises are King!

compound exercise

So the other week I wrote a post about building your foundation and getting strong using your body. Some of you told me that you can already do these exercises easily and some of you told me that you’re now including them in your workout… which is great! It’s so good to see that people are already taking action to become stronger.

But for those of you who can already do the exercises with ease now need to be able to step up your game and start building your strength even further. Not just to look strong but to actually be strong! I don’t want you looking like the bodybuilders out there today who have chiseled bodies but are only “gym strong” and use machines. I’m not hating on any bodybuilders I actually have friends who are but that’s not what I’m about or what I want to create.

I want you to become the person who is functional. I want you to be the person who can move stones and heavy weights with ease and would have no trouble in the real world trying to move something heavy . Things like this will carry over to all areas of your life like I’ve stated before, and there’s only one way to start getting stronger…. COMPOUND MOVEMENTS!

What the hell are compound movements?

Compound movements are exercises that use a large percentage of your muscles in your body. These are the movements that get you the biggest bang for your buck, they put the muscle on, they increase your heart rate, they dramatically improve your strength, they put the hairs on your chest, you get the idea they are KING. These are the exercises that are proven to work and get you the best results for getting strong.

Ok… But what exercises are known as compounds?

Good Question, remember the other blog post I had that listed exercises for building the foundation? Well they were all compound movements and they are good for building the foundation like I said but after you have mastered the bodyweight movements it’s time to move onto the barbell compounds. The Main compounds are the Squat, Deadlift, Bent over row, bench press, and overhead press. There are a lot more out there but I want to focus on these 5 first because they’re the basics that I think should be learnt first before you try more complex compounds like the power clean.

Some of you may have just read that and be thinking “the bench press doesn’t work my whole body or neither does the bent over row”. Oh really? Well when you learn how to do these exercises properly you may be shocked how many muscles you actually recruit using the bench press or row.

Now I’m not going to make this a huge blog post about how to do these 5 exercises. I am going to do one blog post for each in the future but what I do suggest is taking the time to read the articles, and watch the video’s that I will post below so you can understand how to do the movements correctly and with proper form. There is nothing more important than your safety first! So take the time to read and watch and even find yourself a trainer to teach you these movements (make sure the trainer knows what they’re talking about though.) Also start light, just start with the bar to get the movement pattern down, there’s nothing wrong with starting light and doing the right technique and then moving up weights. It takes time to get strong but it is definitely worth it.

When should i do compounds?

Your workouts should ALWAYS be structured around a compound exercise, period! If it’s leg day squats are your main compound for the day. If it’s shoulders then the overhead press, I suggest you do these big heavy lifts at the start of the workout because they will give you the best results and then you can do the rest of your exercises afterwards. If you ask any expert power lifter, bodybuilder, strength coach, athlete anyone who knows what they’re talking about they will tell you that workouts must be structured around your compound exercises if you want to get real results.

Squat Video

Squat Article

Deadlift Video
Deadlift Article

Bench Video (watch the whole series)
Bench Article

Overhead Press Video
Overhead Press Article

Bent Over Row Video
Bent Over Row Article

One last thing.

These exercises aren’t easy, they become heavy and hard fast and that’s when you start to see who will actually put in the effort to get stronger and move those weights and who will crumble and be beaten by the barbell. Who are you going to be? I hope you’re the person who has a strong body and strong mind and pushes through, the person who kicks ass!

What to do next

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Stay Strong. Live Long.


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