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Dieting Mistakes Part Two

Welcome back to part two of dieting mistakes you want to avoid.

If you missed the first part, make sure to click to give it a read now.

If you’ve already read the first one, then let’s jump straight into part two.


Mental self-talk is where I struggled with the most and I still deal with it now.

It’s what you tell yourself in your head on a daily basis and how you perceive things.

When you’re trying to lose weight, you will start to notice how your self talk changes.

When someone offers you a piece of cake you’re either going to say you can’t have it or you don’t want it.

That difference in what you say is very powerful because one gives you control and the other doesn’t.

If you say you “can’t” you’re not in control because you’re following a set of rules that someone else has put into place for you and when humans don’t have control or are told not to do something we rebel.

It’s the same thing when you see “don’t press that red button” you want to press the red button.

Instead of saying “can’t” or “not allowed” change your self talk to “I’m choosing not to” or “I don’t want to”.

That subtle change will make a big difference because now you’re putting yourself in control and you’re not feeling restricted.

You’re the one making the decision that you don’t want the cake and you’re “choosing” not to eat it.

It might like it doesn’t seem like it will matter that much but trust me, it does.


How easy is it to drink a few glasses of orange juice in the morning or grab a boost juice.

On those hot days where you need something to cool, you might go through a few cokes.

On those cold days in winter your flat white intake goes up to 4 or 5 a day.

The problem with all of these drinks is that you’re having a lot of calories without noticing.

Drinking calories can add up very quickly and put you into a calorie surplus if you’re not careful.

The only calories you should be getting from drinks is from smoothies and one or two flat whites (if that’s how you drink your coffee).

The reason I suggest smoothies is because you can add ice and increase the volume of your smoothie and the more volume you have with fewer calories will keep you full.

When you begin to track your calories and you realise that you’re drinking 300 – 500 calories a day that might be the only thing you need to stop to accelerate your weight loss.


Nuts, hummus, dried fruit, trail mixes, and other “healthy snack foods” aren’t always the best choice when you’re trying to lose fat.

Just because a food is healthy doesn’t mean that it’s good for losing weight.

Foods like trail mixes or nuts are very high in calories and are easy to eat.

If you’re mindlessly snacking on these types of foods all day you’re not going to lose weight and you might even set yourself up to gain weight if you’re not careful.

Snacking in general probably isn’t the best choice, especially when you’re not hungry and you’re just bored.

It’s too easy for calories to add up if you’re someone who snacks a lot.

I’d suggest just having bigger meal portions that will help with satiety and keep you full until the following meal.


How many times have you tried to ‘burn off’ a bad nights worth of food?

I did a test at the start of the year.

I ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream which was 1400 calories.

The following day I strapped on a heart rate monitor and see how long it would take me to burn off 1400 calories with exercise.

I went as hard as I could on the assault bike for 60 minutes and I only managed to burn 1000 calories.

Which means I still had 400 calories to go (another 24 minutes) but I just couldn’t do it.

I had no more energy left and I felt so exhausted.

All of that hard work and energy and I couldn’t burn it off.

The other problem with this is that the Ben & Jerrys ice cream only took me about 10 minutes to eat.

I had to spend over an hour trying to burn off those calories and still didn’t get close.

It’s too easy to overeat and it’s too hard to out train a bad diet so don’t even try.

This whole weight loss thing is going to come down to diet, so you need to focus on that.

Stop trying to exercise your way to losing fat and focus on choosing good diet habits you can stick you.


The number of calories you eat on the weekend is going to determine whether you gain weight, lose weight or maintain your weight.

For most people who’re trying to lose weight, they’re good all week and typically fuck it up on the weekend.

They’re stuck on the same weight for months and can’t figure out why because they’re so good during the week.

Yet what people don’t realise is when you drink and eat garbage on the weekend, it’s so easy to get a huge increase in calories and ruin that week’s worth of hard work.

You need to work on having a meal structure on the weekend just like you do during the week.

Even though you’re not working, you need to figure out a way that’s going to help keep you in a calorie deficit.

For some people that means you’re going to have to skip breakfast and have a late lunch if you want to go out and drink.

For other people it just means getting out of the house more so you’re not tempted by food (this is me).

Try and build some structure into your weekend so you’re keeping consistent with your good habits.


You now know 10 common mistakes people (and myself) make with dieting and how you can overcome them.

What you now have to do is to think about how you can avoid these mistakes for yourself and what you have to put into place to avoid them.

You may already be on the right path and just have to tweak one or two things or you might have to do a complete overhaul.

This isn’t going to happen overnight but now that you’re aware of these mistakes you now have the power to fix them and be successful with your diet.


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