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About 2 months ago I finished reading this amazing book: Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story

I was never a fan of autobiographies but Arnie’s one was just awesome. I’m not sure if you’ve read it enough but honestly it’s amazing I suggest you pick it up (there’s a link below if you want to buy it). Anyways there was a certain practice that I took from this book and I started to do it in my life, and then when I went to visit my family and explained it to them they have all now started doing it, even my mum and 12 year old brother.

That is doing exercise to earn your food. In the book Arnold talks about how his dad used to make him do pushups and sit ups before meals to earn his food and once I read that in the book it really made me think. Today in our society we don’t have to go out and hunt for food and chase animals down, we don’t have to walk 5kms to find water or berries on trees. We have it way too good right now; with home delivery for pizza and McDonalds it’s no wonder we’re getting fat. The hardest thing we have to do is get off the couch and go to the cupboard.

So what I thought would be a great thing to do is take what Arnold said onboard and give it a go. For the first week I did 10 pushups before every meal and then moved up to 12 the next week and then 15 and everyday, every week Monday to Sunday I do pushups to earn my meals. If I eat 3 times a day it’s 3 sets of pushups and if I eat 4 times then that’s another set, and every week I try to increase how many I can do. Just making yourself do a little bit extra of exercise to earn what you’re going to eat, you will actually deserve that food. At least you did something for it, you could even push yourself harder you could do push-ups and sit ups.

Now the first thing you probably think is what my mum said to me, which was: “Tyson there is no way I’m going to do push ups and sit ups in my workplace for lunch”. It was funny when she said that because I didn’t expect her to and I sure wouldn’t be doing it at work either because people would think you’re loopy. All you have to do is make up for the food either before or after your meal. So if you do your push ups before breakfast and then maybe another set before you leave for work so that makes up for lunch, or you do 1 set when you get home to make up for it when you get home and then another set for dinner, or you could even just chuck in a set of pushups while you’re at the gym to every workout.

The main thing I am trying to do here is to help change your mindset to actually doing the work and getting a payoff for it. You do some exercise and your reward is food. Little things like this will add up and make all the difference; it might even inspire you to push harder in life.

Question of the day: How many sets of push ups are you going to be doing per day?

GRAB THE BOOK HERE:Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story

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