Episode #221 – Do You Need To Eat Breakfast?

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It is usually defined as the most important meal with the saying: Eat Breakfast Like A King; Lunch Like A Prince, and Dinner Like A Pauper. It is backed by scientific explanations but it is not the same case and it does not work for everyone. Having breakfast or not greatly depends on one’s preferences and circumstances.


Tyson explains that either eating or skipping breakfast is not mandatory. Many factors come to play depending on a person’s status. He strongly encourages everyone to seek what works best for them so that they can stick to it in the long run. One’s choice is absolutely respected and taken into account because every fitness journey is unique.


Do you ever consider what you do and how it affects the ROI of your life?


You will learn:

  • Is breakfast important?
  • Effects of breakfast on a person
  • Having breakfast is subjective



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