Episode #222 – SMALL WINS

Confidence is a beautiful thing that anyone can possess. It will allow a person to believe in themselves and their cause, which is completely necessary to succeed. Without confidence, a person might feel lost and less motivated; in order to prevent this, proper goal setting is a must.


Tyson encourages you to breakdown your goal so that you can win. This will be helpful in keeping you motivated and it will build your confidence level. Success begins small and grows when you don’t give up. It will only happen when you trust yourself to win every single day even for the little things and keep moving forward.


Do you ever consider what you do and how it affects the ROI of your life?


You will learn:

  • Importance of developing confidence
  • Effects of being confident of yourself and having small wins
  • How to breakdown your general goal to smaller goals
  • Habits greatly impact your lifestyle
  • Not every win is the same for everyone




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