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Fast Weight Loss Is Stupid, Here’s Why…

The Day You Go Balls To The Wall

Let’s say today is the day you finally decide to lose weight. You’re sick of waking up every morning looking in the mirror and being embarrassed by what’s looking back at you and you decide enough is enough.

You spend a few hours on the internet looking into that diet your friend told you about and you decide to give it a go.  You print off the shopping list that tells you foods you can and you can’t eat.

You make your way down to the grocery store and stock your trolley food with the “approved foods”. You’re feeling good, you have all of this motivation and you know this is the time you’re going to stick to a new health plan.

Monday comes around and you wake up early you’re hitting the gym and feeling great. You have your first meal of the day and you realise how much “better” you feel than your usual coffee and a toasted ham and cheese sandwich that you usually have.

A co-worker offers you some cake at lunch but you turn it down without even thinking about it (another win!). You end day one feeling great and you are pumped for day two.

You wake up on Tuesday morning and repeat the same thing; a hard workout followed by strict eating followed by saying no to the temptations at work.

Friday comes around and you’re killing it!

Then your friends ask you to come out for drinks after work and you turn them down. You’ve got to hit the gym nice and early Saturday morning and don’t want to risk going out and making poor food choices and drinking too much.

You’re disappointed that you can’t see your friends but that’s just the way this health and fitness thing is, you have to make sacrifices right?

You continue on this path for a few weeks and you notice the weight slowly start to creep off and you’re feeling good. Then after about 4 weeks, you want the fat loss to happen faster. So you start exercising twice a day and restricting the amount of food you eat even more.

The weight comes off quicker and quicker and people are starting to notice the change you’ve made. You’re feeling more confident in your body and that stubborn belly fat is disappearing.

After 12 weeks, you’ve lost over 30 pounds and you’ve reached your desired body weight, you’re feeling awesome. All of those sacrifices of not going out with friends, staying home on the weekend and training twice a day have paid off.

But now you have to maintain that body. Now you have to keep up that intense exercise and strict eating regime.

Maybe you last a few weeks but then something comes up.

At first, it’s just a night out with your friends which leads you to skip the gym on Saturday because of your terrible hangover. The same thing happens Sunday and you’ve now missed 4 workouts, no big deal, you’ll start on Monday right.

Monday comes around and you’re still feeling tired from the weekend but you decide to still go to the gym and push through. Then at work, it’s someone’s birthday and there’s cake and you decide “sure why not” you haven’t had carbs for over 4 months now so what’s the harm? You deserve a damn piece of cake

The cake tastes amazing and you forget how good carbs taste. Later that day your boss wants you to stay back at work to finish off a project which means you have to miss the gym. He also tells you that he’s ordered everyone pizza since they’re staying back.

You can’t say no to pizza can you and besides, you’re not going to have dinner tonight so you need something.

You eat the pizza and remember how good that also tastes. You decide to take the leftover pizza home and have one slice a night to “treat yourself”. Instead you finish the entire two boxes the next day. What the heck just happened?

These constant slip-ups happen more and more, you start to skip the gym again and before you know it you slip back into old habits. You go back to your old way of eating and only doing the occasional workout and before you know it the weights starting to creep back on.

You keep telling yourself you’ll get back to it tomorrow but you never do.

What happened?

I have seen so many people in the past successfully lose weight but the problem was 95% haven’t been able to keep it off.


Because they eliminate everything and try to go as strict as possible. They go balls to the wall for a short period of time to achieve their goal but they haven’t followed something that’s sustainable.

I’ve fallen into this trap too.

Training twice a day, cutting out all carbs and neglecting your social life is not going to work out in the long run and it leads to exactly what’s described above.

What to do instead

If you’re looking to improve your health and fitness instead of making radical changes, just pick one habit you can work on for the next two weeks.

Maybe it’s changing your first meal of the day, maybe it’s exercising twice a week or maybe it’s just having 12 beers a week instead of 14 beers.

Dramatic changes don’t need to be made in order to improve your health and fitness. What’s more important is making smaller habit based changes over time that are going to create massive results over the long term.

Wouldn’t you rather lose 30 pounds over the next year and be able to keep it off over the next 5 or 10 years as opposed to losing 30 pounds in 3 months and putting it all back on three months after?

Just pick one thing you can focus on for the next two weeks and DO NOT PASS GO until you’ve nailed that for two weeks. Don’t try and overwhelm yourself and do everything at once, just pick one thing, focus on that one thing and when that one thing becomes a habit move on to the next thing.

If you make one change every 2 weeks that’s 26 changes you’ve made in a year. 26 new healthy habits you’ve now added to your life, that’s a lot! That’s progress that’s what leads to long-term success.

Be the tortoise because the tortoise always wins.

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