Life in the fast lane

Are you someone who loves to push yourself hard all the time?

You’re out of bed in the morning, straight into the shower and then you’re ready to go to work.

You grab your first coffee on the way to get you kickstarted into “work mode” and you go hard until 12 or 1 pm.

You have to stop around then not because you want to, but because you notice everyone else around you is having lunch and you guess you need to put something in your stomach too.

You hate this because everyone else should be like you, everyone else should still be working because there is so much to do and you and they don’t have time to sit around for an hour.

Sometimes you decide to stop and have lunch, and other times you decide to just keep hammering through and you just ask someone to bring you your second or third cup of coffee.

Before you know it you see some people leaving the office because it’s 5 pm and that means pack up time, for them anyways.

You decide to get up, not because it’s time to go home, but because you need to get one last coffee to give you that burst of energy so you can get that last bit of work done.

Usually, this is coffee number 3 or 4 or maybe number 6 if it’s been rough.

It’s now 8 pm and it’s time to start packing up because you need to be here nice and early the next day to pick up where you left off.

As you start making your way home from work, you realise that you haven’t gotten anything to eat, so you stop at the local Thai corner store so you can pick up one of those quick takeaway boxes.

You come home and sit in front of the tv to try and unwind.

While you’re watching T.v and trying to eat, you’re also doing one last batch of emails on your phone before you switch it off.

It’s now 12 am, time to have a shower and go to bed before you do it all again tomorrow.

You lay there trying to close your eyes, trying to just switch off but usually, that doesn’t happen until 2 am.

You get up every day and do the same thing because that’s what you’ve got to do.

You’re a busy guy and there’s stuff you need to do.

I love guys like you because you’re exactly like me.

Busy and driven always got 20 things going at once.

You know the difference between us?

It’s how we channel our focus throughout the day toward different activities.

The difference between us is that I’m thriving and you’re only surviving.

There’s one thing you’re not doing and that’s taking care of your health.

You don’t exercise enough, you don’t eat right and you aren’t taking care of your body.

This may not seem like an issue now, but I promise you it’s going to come up.

It might just start with a simple cold which turns into the flu which then leaves you bedridden for 3 weeks which turns into a month.

The next thing you know you can’t get into work and you’ve got no more sick days, you no longer are able to make money and the financial strain on your life starts to add up.

You realise that you need to work because you have no money, but you can’t, your health is suffering then you physically can’t go into work.

You did this to yourself you know?


Damn Tyson, that’s a bit harsh, isn’t it?

Is it?

You need someone to tell you the truth now, you need someone to give you the wakeup call now, before you wake up one day and can’t get out of bed.

Before you wind up in a hospital or before you’re told that you have type 2 diabetes.

All of this can be avoided and you can change your life today.

You can make the decision to start taking care of your health and fitness today and it all comes down to setting a goal for yourself.

You have goals and deadlines for work and now it’s time to set a goal and a deadline for your health and fitness.

It’s time to take action.

I explain exactly how you can do that in the free chapter of my new book that I’m going to be releasing, all you have to do is click the link below to get it now.


To be honest this is going to take you about 10 minutes to read, 15 minutes to set the goal and another 15 minutes to map out your direction of how you’re going to get there.

30 minutes of total work and you can transform your life for the better.


You could keep grinding it out at work every day, putting it off and ignoring it.

Knowing that you “should” do something but you just don’t have the time and eventually, you will get around to it.

You could just go back to “surviving” your daily life and pushing your body to the limits.

but one day it will break.

When you break, just know that it’s all your fault!





You’ve got the power.

Download the free chapter now and learn how you can change your life.


P.s – If you need help just message me

I’ll help you every step of the day!

Tyson Brown

Author Tyson Brown

Coffee Lover, Online Coach, Superhero movie buff and Intermittent Fasting Expert. Tyson Will help you build a lean body like the almighty Thor and get rid of that stubborn belly fat for good!

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