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How To Get Better At Push-ups

The push-up is one of the first exercises we ever learn.

Usually, we learn it when we’re in primary school during PE and we just get told to get on the ground and bend our arms but we never really got told if we were doing it right.

Plus there was always that one skinny kid who would show off and do like 10 in a row, while the rest of us struggled to do 3 or 4 (maybe that was just me who couldn’t do more than 5).

Regardless of when we learned it, most of us have been taught to do it wrong.

There are some people who I’ve seen do what they would call push up, but really just looks like they’re humping the ground, or doing a bomb dive head first.

I’ve seen more wrong pushups in my time of training people than I have seen correct ones and this needs to change.

Now I’m not saying I’ve always been perfect either because I used to do incorrect pushups for years when I first started out Until someone taught me how to do them with correct form and really activate the right muscles I was just doing it like everyone else.

Ever since I’ve learned the correct technique I want to make sure everyone is doing it the correct way to because it’s going to help you avoid injury, build more lean muscle and not make you look like you’re about to make out with the ground.

Drop The Ego

The first thing  I recommend is that if you can’t do a full push up on your toes and come all the way to where your chest touches the ground, then you need to drop the ego and make it easier.

Holding yourself in one straight line with your head neutral and lowering your body until your chest touches the ground is the correct way to do it.

If you can’t do that, then don’t stress, you’ve just got to scale it back a little bit to practice the right form.

Make It Easier

The next thing do is to raise your body higher and set yourself on an incline.

Find yourself something like a box, a bench, a squat rack or anything that’s going to be a little bit higher to make it easier because each time you want to be able to touch your chest with every rep.

Keep raising yourself higher and higher until you find the correct height where you can lower yourself in a straight line all the way down until your chest touches nice and flush.

When you find a height that you can do about 10 – 12 pushups with perfect form and touching your chest for all 12 then you’ve got the right height.

If you start to struggle at rep number 10 and it’s really hard at number 12 then you’re in the right position

Don’t go anywhere

Once you’ve found your ideal height for the push up, stay at that height and practice that for 3 sets of 10 – 12 reps and don’t make it any harder for the next set.

What you’re doing here is making sure that you’re learning how to do the exercise properly with good technique, otherwise if you try to make it harder straight away and your form starts to break down you’re just teaching yourself bad habits again.

Sidenote: It’s good to make a note on how many reps  and sets you did of pushups and also what you did it on (a box or a bench etc) that way next time you come in you can remember what you did last time.

It doesn’t matter where you have started, you need to practice on the exact same height until the 12 reps become easier and easier.

Once you can get through all 12 reps and it feels like a breeze, then it’s time to lower the height by just a little bit. (NO THIS DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN DO TOE PUSH-UPS)

This means that you need to drop the height by a few centermeters until you find that struggle point again after doing 10 reps.

Once you’ve found the position again Stick to this point and do that for a week or two until the reps start to become easier and then repeat the method above.

Yes this will take time a first to start making progressions but you’re going to be able to gain a lot more muscle, recruit the right type of muscles and avoid injury if you follow the process of doing a push-up correctly.

Remember this isn’t a race to do 100 push-ups and the only person you’re competing against is yourself, in order to avoid injury so that you’re able to train your whole life learning the correct technique and practicing that technique over and over is going to keep you in the gym for years on end.



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