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Getting yourself motivated

Are you one of those people who get motivated to go to the gym for a week or 2 or maybe a month or 2? You train really hard for that period of time but then the motivation starts to drop, you might skip a day here or there or make up an excuse as to why you can’t go and the next thing you know you’re back on the couch watching T.V. Maybe you’re someone like me who’s been training for a few years but you’re slowly starting to lose motivation and the dedication to fitness and nutrition isn’t as strong as it was a few months ago? This seems to be popping up a lot lately and i’ve been getting Facebook comments and questions from my clients asking how to keep motivated and push themselves, Well today I’m going show you how you can change your mindset to stay motivated all of the time.

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The Pleasure principle

A famous psychologist named Sigmund Freud talked about how the human mind works around the pleasure principle. Basically he stated that humans are either moving towards pleasure or moving away from pain. We use this principle in all areas of our lives and once you start to understand how you can use this principle to your advantage, it’s going to be a lot easier for you to stay motivated. Because we use this principle in all areas of our lives this also applies to health and fitness. For example; If you want to exercise to feel good you’re moving towards pleasure. However if you’re overweight and want to exercise to avoid the feeling of being embarrassed and you hate the way you look, then you’re moving away from the pain of the feeling embarrassed.  Freud also explains that a lot more people are motivated by moving away from pain as opposed to moving towards pleasure (keep that in mind).

Make a list

The first thing you need to do is to draw a line down the centre of a page and make two lists. One labelled: BENEFITS OF TRAINING and the other NEGATIVES OF NOT TRAINING.  So on the benefits side write down every single benefit you can think of when it comes to exercises like: Improved health, you look better, sleep better, more energy, better libido, longer life etc. You would also do the same for the negative side: No energy, feeling lazy, looking horrible, higher risk of dying earlier etc.

What drives you?

Once you’ve written out all of the benefits and negatives you need to think about which of them are going to drive you. Which one really stands out to you? Is it the pleasure of feeling amazing or is it the pain of not wanting to be embarrassed of your beer belly everyday? Remember earlier when I stated that a lot more people are motivated by pain rather than pleasure? Try and think about how painful it is to not be healthy and fit. For me pain is a greater motivator than pleasure.

Associate that key thing as a motivator

Once you’ve picked your motivator or maybe motivators, you then have to associate that thing with being fit and healthy. I’ll give you an example of my motivation. I have chosen to be motivated by the pain of looking and feeling like crap. I know that if I don’t eat right and exercise i’m going to feel and look like crap, i’m going to be embarrassed of my body and i’m just going to feel depressed. Thinking about this everyday motivates me to exercise and to choose the right food for my body. When you start associate what you’ve chosen as your motivator for the gym it’s going to ignite your fire and get you working towards that pain or pleasure everyday. Everyday you need to write down this thing that you’re focused on and really make sure this is going to drive you, make it instinctual.

Getting rid of belly fat

Let’s have an example of Greg. Greg’s 25 he works in an office for a corporate company. He used to go to the gym a lot, but he’s missed a couple of sessions here and their and now he makes excuses as to why he can’t exercise today and why he has to pick up McDonald’s on the way home instead of cooking something healthy. He realises he’s been putting on weight and he want’s to get back into the gym but he just can’t get motivated. He then hears about the pain pleasure principle and decides to make a list of benefits and negatives of fitness. He then chooses one painful thing that stands out to him which is; the embarrassing feeling he has when he goes down to the beach with his friends and he doesn’t want to take his shirt off.  He hates not feeling good or being able to wear tighter shirts. So then what he does is as soon as he wakes up he writes that motivator down, he then goes into the bathroom and looks at himself, takes photo’s of how he looks now and just hates it. The pain is so strong that he no longer wants to look like he does now and he wants to move away from that pain. Greg starts exercising more and eating right and he’s on the path to reaching his goals and not losing his drive.

Action Steps

Here’s what you need to do right now!

  1. Make a list of the positives and negatives of training and being healthy
  2. Choose somethings that’s going to really motivate you
    (Pleasure = feeling great, looking good etc. Pain = You can’t stand the position you’re in at the moment)
  3. Get a notepad and put it next to your bed, so when every morning you wake up you can write that motivator down.
  4. Take photo’s, look at yourself in the mirror every morning and envision what you want.
  5. Change your fitness and nutrition habits to focus around your motivations
  6. Let it become your inner drive so you never have to worry about being motivated again.


You have the power to control your mind and to keep yourself on track towards your goals. You just have to find out what’s really going to drive you.


So what is your motivator? I told you mine and I want you to comment yours down below.

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What to do next

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Stay Strong. Live Long.



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