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The Most Important Reason Online Training Works

A lot of people ask me how am I able to be an online personal trainer without actually seeing someone in person?

How can I make sure they’re doing all of the things right or build a strong connection with them if they’re all the way over the other side of the world?

I had those exact same questions when I started doing personal training online and I never thought it would work but I quickly realised I was wrong.

It turns out online training is very similar to in-person training because the biggest benefits people get from working out with a trainer, isn’t the workout itself, it’s something a lot more important.


Do You Need An Online Trainer?

When you sign up with a trainer in person or online you are getting access to his or her knowledge which is great! You’re able to pay less money to work with someone online who you wouldn’t have a chance to work with in real life. So with access to that knowledge and depending on how much you’re paying for that online coach, you’re able to get a workout program from them and perhaps a nutrition plan or some nutritional guidance.

That’s all well and good, but anyone can get a diet plan off the internet.

Anyone can look up macronutrient calculators to figure out how many calories they need and how much protein they need to have in the day.

The same thing goes for exercise. There are certain exercises that you will have prescribed specifically for you in the routine because you have had a past injury or something gives you a niggle so you need to be able to work around that, which again is very beneficial to have an online trainer who can give you an exercise that won’t cause that injury or niggle to trigger.

But if you don’t have access to a trainer you could easily look up [insert workout routine here] for [insert fitness goal here] on google and a vast majority of workout routines will pop up and you have the freedom to choose what you want. If you see an exercise in there that gives you a niggle or you can’t do, you can either:

A) Look up an alternative to that exercise [bench press variations] or [exercises that don’t hurt the front of my shoulder].


B) Look for another workout routine until you find one that’s going to work for you.

So, while having an online trainer is beneficial because they can give you the nutrition and workout guidance it’s not anything spectacular and you can do your own research on those two things.

The benefits of online training

The real reason personal training is so effective is the accountability and also the amount of stress they will save you.

Having someone there to report to on a daily/weekly/monthly basis means you’re much more likely to stay on track with your goals. It takes a rare breed of people to actually motivate themselves to do the research on fitness and nutrition, pick a diet and workout plan and then follow it for 12 weeks.

We all get excited when we start something new but eventually that excitement wears off and we’re back to square one,  we have a long day at work and we decide to skip the gym “just this once” and just this once turns into a week and that healthy diet has now turned back into your old diet of takeaway foods and Oreos. Since you didn’t have anyone to hold you accountable or to help you push through the tough times it’s not really a loss to anyone but yourself and you just brush it off and go back to old habits.

When you have someone there who’s keeping you accountable, and you’ve got to report to them it’s a different ballgame. Do you really want to tell your trainer that you just ate a whole pizza, 1.25L of coke and a whole stick of garlic bread? Far from it. Which means you’re less likely to do those things, but this doesn’t mean you WON’T.

If you do happen to have a big binge, you will feel guilty and what’s worse you will have to admit it to your trainer. If you didn’t have someone there to tell, it would be easy to think “fuck it”I just ruined my diet, there’s no point in trying anymore.

Even though you have that mentality and you then tell your trainer they will help you get straight back on track. He’s going to find out what triggered the event, why it happened and how you can overcome it. That way you’re still going to be able to stay on track towards your goals. We all have hiccups and they can be very frustrating if you have to tackle that situation on your own. It’s easy to have a negative mindset and beat yourself up, but that’s exactly why the accountability of a coach works so well. When he can help you change the way you think and act and keep you on the path towards your goals, the journey becomes much more enjoyable.

Nobody likes to go things alone and having someone there to support you the whole way makes your journey easier. You’re able to talk to them about struggles or problems, you’re able to ask them questions that you’ve been wondering and you have a new buddy. At the end of the day,  you’re building a relationship with someone whether it’s online or in person and having that relationship is going to make it so much easier to hit your goals.

They also save you time.

Like I wrote above earlier. Anyone can go and do research on how to diet, how many calories you need and the best workout for your situation but do you want to be doing that?

Do you want to spend hours going through different articles and forums trying to figure all of this out after a hard days work?

Most people don’t and this is another great reason to have an online trainer. They take the stress away and they save you time. They give you everything you need on a silver platter while you’re out doing your own thing, spending more time with your family. Once you’ve got the plan, all you need to do is stick to it and that’s when it’s really time for the trainer to shine.

The most successful people have coaches

When you have a goal you want to achieve you can either go it alone or bring someone else for the ride. When you bring someone else for the ride they now also know your goal which means you’re much more likely to stick to it. Most people don’t succeed on their own because it’s hard to keep motivated, positive and enthusiastic all the time, but when you’ve made your goal public and told someone else you are much more likely to achieve it. Everyone successful in the world, whether it be health/business/politics or anything else all had a mentor or coach.

Someone to guide them, someone to help them push through and more importantly someone who knows what their goals are, someone to remind them of those goals when things get tough and someone who’s going to show them how to reach their goals faster. If an Olympic athlete, the president and every other successful person in the world has a coach, I think that’s saying something.

Get A Coach


If you’ve never had a coach/trainer/mentor then I highly suggest you get one. You’re going to reach your goals a lot faster than you would have going it alone, they’re going to help you when times are tough, they’re going to pick you up when you fall down and they’re going to help you succeed.

They can be a trainer from the gym, an online trainer or even a friend who’s successfully lost weight and kept it off and now you want to learn from them. It doesn’t matter who you choose but make sure you get someone who has knowledge around the area you’re focusing on.

Want to set up a free coaching call?

If you’re interested in online personal training, I’d love to jump on the phone and have a free coaching session see if we’re a good fit.

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