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Intermittent Fasting Part 5 – How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Intermittent Fasting

You’ve come a long way learning about how to follow Intermittent Fasting, what you can have and can’t have while fasting, how to make sure you’re losing fat while fasting and also what the biggest benefits are apart from weight loss.

Today you’re going to learn how to avoid the common mistakes that people make when following Intermittent Fasting and how to avoid them…


One problem you may face when you first start following this way of eating is that you get hunger cravings, this is completely normal since you’re trying to teach your body how to go for a certain amount of time without food and since it’s not used to having to go hungry for so long it’s going to be sending you hunger signals during the times when you usually it. You have to be strong during this first phase and avoid giving in to temptation and binge eating everything in site. A way to combat this is to make sure that you haven’t got trigger foods in your house or around you at work because when there’s temptation around you’ve eventually going to give in. Keep yourself busy and focus on work during your fast, kill your appetite with black coffee and avoid the binge eating by keeping the trigger foods away during your fasting window.


Since you’re now going longer without food doesn’t mean you should be eating like a bird and only having salads and chicken breast. Your goal is to eat as much high protein, vegetables and fruits as possible to help keep you full and satiated and staying under your calories. Since you’re not eating so many small meals this means you can double up on the protein and vegetables and not stress about gaining weight simply because you’re having few meals and larger portion sizes. This also leads on to my next point…


Yes, you still have to be tracking your food and making sure you’re hitting your calorie and macronutrient goals for the day. I recommend using this food scale. Intermittent Fasting doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want whenever you want because calories still do play a part in fat loss. If you haven’t gone through part three of the series click here to find out how many calories you need to be eating every day to lose weight. This also means you shouldn’t be eating too little either. If you find yourself severely under eating and not hitting your calorie and macronutrient goals during the day then the option for you would be to do a shorter fasting period or have more calorie dense food during your feeding window. The goal of Intermittent Fasting is to help you feel like you’re full when you eat and eating as much as possible while still being able to lose weight. I mean who wants to starve themselves every day for the rest of their life? No one that’s who…


If you’re stressing because you went 10 minutes over your feeding window or you broke your fast 10 minutes early then you need to just step back and relax a little. Intermittent Fasting is a lifestyle approach and it’s meant to help you work in with your lifestyle which means you get to choose your hours. 10 – 30 minutes over or under isn’t going to change anything as long as you’re still in a calorie deficit. Remember, there are no magical properties to Intermittent Fasting when it comes to weight loss as long as you’re in a deficit. If once or twice a week you wind up going under or over don’t stress and get straight back on track the next day. As long as you’re not making it a daily habit everything is going to be ok, I promise.


When you first start off doing Intermittent Fasting just make sure you take it nice and easy with your training and work your way into it. If you’re not used to training on an empty stomach you can quickly make yourself nauseous since your body doesn’t know how to switch over from burning carbs as a fuel source to burning fat. The same thing will happen if you’re trying to do a HIIT workout. You’re going to notice very quickly that you will bomb out and feel like you’ve hit a wall or even worse, feel sick.

Take your time easing into it for the first two weeks and even if you need to have a protein shake or a banana before a workout before you adapt to fasting that’s fine. This isn’t going to be an overnight result of switching your body from a carb burner to a fat burner so you’ve got to give it time to change and make it as easy as possible. Back off training super hard for a week and slowly work your way back up and in no time you’ll be back to pushing yourself hard.

One last thing…

Here’s a quick reality check. You’re going to mess up. That’s a fact. One day you might not sleep as well as you usually do and you give in to some cravings or you have some friends who manage to talk you into a big night of binge drinking and greasy food.

We’ve all been there. The most important thing is to not beat yourself up when this happens. Remember this is a lifestyle, not a diet and you didn’t “ruin it”. If you eat shitty food, you can do a 24-hour fast the next day, drink nothing but water and get straight back on track. One day is a tiny blip on your life journey.

The worst thing you can think is, say “Well it’s Wednesday and I’ve just messed up my diet. What’s the point? I might as well wait until next week/month/year.” That’s where you make the situation worse because the deeper the hole you dig for yourself, the harder it’s going to be to get back out.

What a journey

You now have all the information you need to become successful with Intermittent Fasting and make it suit your lifestyle. If you follow what I laid out in this five-part series I can guarantee that you will lose stubborn belly fat, get the body you desire and still enjoy the foods you love!

Need Help?

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