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Intermittent Fasting Before and After Results

Intermittent fasting after & before

What’s going on, guys? It is Tyson Brown here, back for another episode, and today we are talking about my before and after transformation of intermittent fasting. So first, I want to show you guys what I used to look like at 12 kilos ago, as you can see right here. That was when after I’ve tried different diets, I tried working at high intensity, I tried all the stuff that I had heard would work. I would eat three meals a day and did all those things, but they didn’t seem to work for me. And there, you can see what I have accomplished right here after losing 12 kilos, and all that was from following the intermittent fasting approach.

And the best thing was, I actually gained lean muscle in that and I lost a lot of belly fat, as you can see from that photo. And then there is also one more photo that you guys can see right here, is the leanest I’ve ever gotten, just following the intermittent fasting approach. And, I still do this every single day. I’ve actually been following intermittent fasting now for the last three years, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I feel so good all the time. That’s why I’ve encouraged such a lot of people because it’s such a beneficial thing for so many people.

You know when you’re going to go on a diet, right? And you got told to eat small portion meals throughout the day, but you never quite feel satisfied after a meal. You’re looking at a meal and you’re like, do I really want to eat that right now? Or, you finish a meal and you’re like, is that all I can have? And it’s so hard to avoid those cravings, to avoid going over the amount of food you eat during the day, and it becomes a big struggle. But when you’re following the intermittent fasting approach, it’s so much more easier because you can satisfy yourself with bigger size meals during the day, and you can still stay under your calorie limit, and that’s why I recommend it to so many people.

If you’re someone like me, you have a big appetite, and you have that small meal and you’re like, man, I’m still hungry. Then you’ll go and eat something else, then you’ll go and eat more and more, and what happens? You struggle with the weight loss because you have those hunger modes during the day. But if you’re someone who can go, let’s say if you don’t have breakfast and you can skip a little bit longer, and then when you have a bigger meal you feel more satiated, then you can go for longer and longer with no periods of food and you’re going to feel better. You’re going to feel fuller, and you’re not going to overeat as much, and this is why I love the intermittent fasting approach. It’s been so much more beneficial for me. Once again, look at these two photos, right? Look at what I was before and after, and look at how lean I’ve gotten just following this approach.

So, over the last three years, I have been speaking a lot about this method and I’ve been making a lot of videos about it recently, so you guys can click on the playlist to check them all out because I answer a lot of questions about it. I’m pretty, pretty switched on when it comes to intermittent fasting because I fucking love it. And also, before you guys go, I also want you to pick up your free chapter of my new book coming out. It’s about intermittent fasting, and it’s all about fasting, fat loss, and fitness. So, click play to get your free chapter, and I’ll speak to all of you guys in the next video.


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