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How To Stay Away From Junk Food

tyson brown: Junk Food

In this article, you’re going to discover how to cut out junk food and stop yourself from binging and ruining all of your hard work.

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  • What is Junk Food
  • Trigger Foods
  • Changing Your Environment

Let’s do this!

What Is Junk Food

You’ve come to this article because you want to know how to cut out junk food but what does that mean?

The problem with this term is that means different things to different people. For keto zealots, junk food means carbs like bread and pasta. For the paleo community, junk food means anything with sugar or dairy. If you look at the dictionary it means pre-prepared or packaged food that has low nutritional value.

For the sake of this article, let’s use the dictionary term because I’m sure that’s what you think of when you hear the word junk food. You think of ice cream, packets of chips and biscuits and that would be the correct choice.

Here’s the thing though, not all junk food is bad for you (say whaaaaat?) There are certain junk foods that you can eat that don’t have the same effect as other junk foods.

Let’s take two different people who both like ice cream.

Person one can have a bowl of ice cream and be satisfied after the meal and not want to eat any more.

Person two (me) will have one bowl of ice cream and it will trigger them to eat the entire tub in one sitting.

We all have certain junk food items that are known as trigger foods and they’re the junk foods you want to stay away from.

Trigger Foods


The first thing you need to do is to figure out what your trigger foods are. Trigger foods are any food that will cause you to overeat and could lead you into binge territory. It the food that makes you act like a crack addict, once you start you just can’t stop yourself.

If you can’t just stop at one piece of chocolate then that’s a trigger food. If you can’t open a packet of chips without finishing the rest, that’s a trigger food. Think about what foods you know will send you into a downward spiral of bad eating.⠀⠀⠀

Once you determine what your trigger foods are, the next thing you need to do is to get them out of your house! If you’re serious about losing weight then you need to keep those foods as far away from you as possible. When you throw them away you have no chance of overeating them. If you want some ice cream and it’s not in the fridge, you’re not very likely to get up and drive to the corner store and buy one. That means your chances of blowing your diet is going to be reduced by a lot.

Changing Your Environment

You may have the willpower to chuck away your trigger foods but you also need to think about your environment. Some of you have kids, housemates, spouses and workmates who offer your trigger foods or have them around and that’s when it can be extremely challenging to stay away.

You need to talk to the people who eat junk food and offer it to you. You can ask them to hide the food from you out of sight, you can ask them to not offer you your trigger foods or you could ask if they could eat them outside of the house.

This is going to feel like an awkward conversation but if you’re serious about the weight loss then you need to be willing to have an open conversation with them. Most people will understand and be willing to support you and for the people who don’t you need to remove yourself from the environment as often as you can.

Action Steps

Now that you know what your trigger foods are it’s time to take action. Start by going to your pantry, your fridge, the secret chocolate drawer and throwing away all of the foods you know will cause you to overeat. Get every single thing that you know will cause you to slip up.

Secondly, think about who you’ve got to talk to about keeping trigger foods away from you. Is it your spouse or your workmates? If it’s your kids that are causing you to overeat then stop buying them so much junk food! Just ask them to have a quick chat and be open with them that you’re trying to lose weight and you would appreciate their support.

 Lastly, don’t bring the trigger foods back into your house. If you really do crave ice cream, leave the house and go to the ice cream store, buy one and eat it out of the house. Never bring it back because you know it will get eaten and it’s easy to have one binge and ruin a week’s worth of progress.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about that or need help with your diet, you can send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll be sure to respond and answer your questions. 

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