Who is this guy?

My name is Tyson Brown, and I’m just your everyday guy who loves fitness.

I am a personal trainer specialising in nutrition and fitness for weight loss. I help people both as an in-person trainer and as an online coach. I am currently Living in Sydney, Australia and train people in the inner west area and Newtown. I also have the online side of my business has given me greater access to helping people all around the globe.

My goal is to help people lose weight and feel great. Growing up I never felt happy with how I looked or felt and once I made the change and improved my health and fitness I never wanted other people to feel how I did.

I want you to wake up every morning and be able to look in the mirror and feel confident with the body you have. I’m not the person who’s going to get you bodybuilding show ready or be able to make you squat 700kg. But if you want to improve your overall health, lose weight and feel better then I am the guy you’re looking for.

The way I help you with your health and fitness is to break it down as simple as possible. There’s a lot of information out there and we can get overwhelmed by everything that’s out there. All the different diets and workout routines out there are just too much to handle, so since I love to do my research I find out what the best thing is that’s going to work for you and explain it as easily as possible.
I’ve helped clients lose up to 30kg all by simple little changes in their life.

I’ve shown clients how they can make small adjustments to their diet so they can still go out and have fun on the weekend and not worry about putting on any extra body fat.

I was recently nominated for trainer of the year by Fitness.ORG

I recently mentored under Alwyn Cosgrove who runs one of the top 10 gyms in America and is on the board of fitness for Nike.

I’ve done educational talks for small businesses on health and fitness (my most recent one being Urbane fitness)

I am also a food lover, book nerd, adventure seeker.

My weight loss journey.


  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Functional Movement Coach
  • Fitness Australia coach
  • Cert III & IV in FitnessChangeMe-150
  • Underground Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Competitive Powerlifter
  • Fat Loss coach
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Obstacle course racing and prep
  • Mentorship under Alwyn Cosgrove

Everyone needs a coach. Olympic athletes use coaches, Warren Buffett had a coach growing up, coaches are what will give you the accountability, guidance and knowledge you need to succeed.

Let’s get you started!

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