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How To Get Motivated To Exercise

how to always feel like working out

How To Get Motivated To Exercise

So you’ve woken up the last few days and you’ve noticed the excitement isn’t there anymore. You’re not getting good sleep, you’re feeling a little tired and you just don’t feel like going to the gym. 

Should you listen to your body and skip your workout today or should you just push through?

What happened during the last two weeks that made you lose all of your motivation and the excitement for working out? Nothing has changed so what gives?

The truth is, motivation isn’t going to be there every day of your life and you can’t always rely on motivation. If that were the case you could ride our motivation wave all the way to a lean body and no one would be fat. Instead of always trying to rely on motivation there are other things you can do to help you push through and stay on track with your workout routine.

What you’re going to do is to create a few steps to build up a ritual before working out so you have more a chance going to the gym.

1. Music

Music is a powerul tool that can get you in the right headspace at the right time. When you’re feeling sad, you can find a song to make you feel better, when you go out to a club or a bar certain music can affect the environment and help you feel good. You can do the same thing with your music to change the way you feel. Create a specific playlist that you can listen to when you train.

This playlist should have music you wouldn’t usually listen to but can get you feeling pumped up and feeling good. I personally like to listen to metal and screamo music when I workout but I would never listen to that at any other time.

When you create yourself a playlist that’s specifically for the gym you’re teaching your body and brain to get into a certain state when you listen to that music.

When you’re on your way to the gym, you turn on your playlist and start to get yourself in the “zone” this way your body will start to shift into the “feeling” of being ready to workout.

Start playing your music while you follow the rest of these steps.

2. Drink Coffee

Caffeine is a great stimulant and you can trick yourself into exercise by drinking caffeine. If you have a double shot of coffee or a pre-workout drink you’re going to have to go to the gym to use that energy. In a way you’re forcing yourself to get into the gym and start moving, otherwise, you’re going to have a lot of energy and be feeling jittery. This is a trick I like to do to myself for those mornings I don’t feel like getting out of bed.

This is why playing your music while drinking your coffee or having a pre-workout will help not only get you in the right headspace but also give you some energy.

I take a scoop of my pre-workout and within 30 minutes I find myself in the gym.

3. The 5 Minute Rule

While you’ve got your music playing, you’re sipping down your coffee or pre-workout and you’re on your way to the gym you still might have those days where you can’t get in the zone.

There will be days where it’s going to be a struggle to get out of bed or get to the gym after work. You’re thinking about the mental and physical effort you need to put in and you’d rather watch Netflix.

This is why the 5-minute rule works so well.

Go to the gym and start exercising for 5 minutes. If after 5 minutes you still don’t feel like it, you can stop but don’t just skip the gym altogether. Usually, after the first 5 minutes you will go for 10 minutes and then 20 and before you know it you’ve already been training for 30 minutes and you’re nearly finished your workout.

The hardest part is to get the ball rolling and if you can just focus on starting with a small 5-minute goal it will make it so much easier to keep going.

The Secret Behind The Ritual

Caffeine and music and the 5-minute workout are the rituals that I like to use to get in the zone but they aren’t the only ones you can use. One of my online clients loves to wear a hoodie when he trains (even in Summer the crazy guy) but once he puts his hoodie on it gets him in the right headspace.

Your job is to create a ritual that you can repeatedly do every time before or when you’re at the gym that will help you get into that zone.

The reason for this is because sometimes you won’t feel like working out, sometimes you will feel tired and will want to skip the gym. This is where using those rituals will help you get through those times you don’t feel like it and keep working out.


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