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Motivation Monday

Monday Motivation


I’ve decided to start a new type of content piece for this month to help you guys every day in a different way.

I’m going to be producing one video and one image with words written underneath it on a different topic from Monday – Saturday.

I think this will be valuable for you because it’s going to give you information about a certain topic and then you will be able to pick and choose what day you like most.

There is 6 different days for you to be able to choose from and each week the day’s topic will be the same as last week but it will have different information.

It’s Monday the 1st of May which is also a perfect way to kick this off with the Monday Motivation Tip.

Meal Prep Monday

Here is the video I recorded on Meal prep Monday.


Always prepare the night before.

Pack your gym clothes, prepare your meals, fill your water bottle and prepare everything you can in order to make your day tomorrow successful.

I love spending my weekend preparing for the week, cooking my food and planning out my training because then I know I’m on track towards where I want to go.

One other thing I like to do on Sunday is to look up a new recipe I can try and experiment with. Yesterday on the blog post I posted up how to make high protein peanut butter balls and now I have them as everyday snacks I can have. 

Being able to use your free time to prepare for when things get hectic is going to set you up for success with healthy eating, healthy habits and losing the stubborn belly fat.

If you want the recipe for the protein balls, make sure to check out yesterday’s blog.

Comment below what you do to help with your health and fitness goals.


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