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A Neat Trick To Lose More Weight

Conventional wisdom makes us think that the effort we put into the gym is what’s going to determine whether we lose body fat or not.

But exercise is only a small blip on the radar for losing fat.

When you think about it, if you’re exercising for an hour a day (if you’re lucky) that’s only a very small percentage of your day and there’s only so much effort you can put in during that time.

If you do a HIIT workout you might burn anywhere from 200 – 800 calories, depending on how heavy you are and how experienced you are but that’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things.

What if i told you that you could lose more body fat by not slugging it out in the gym for hours on end?

First of all, if you’re like most guys, you don’t have hours to be able to spend in the gym every day doing long cardio sessions and I don’t think you want to be spending so much time there anyway, unless it’s to get away from your spouse (I’m half kidding)

Secondly, you and I both have better things to do with our time.

So while putting in a hard effort in the gym is important here’s something you should focus more on because it will get you better results.

NEAT Activity

Non Exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) means all of the stuff you do when you’re not in the gym.

Walking the dog, running for the bus, getting groovy with a partner and everything else you do on a daily basis.

What you don’t realise is that neat activity can add up over time and have a much greater effect on your weight loss than the amount of time you spend in the gym.

If you sleep for 8 hours or let’s say 6 – 7 to be real and then you spend 1 hour in the gym that’s 8 hours of your day gone.

You have 16 hours of NEAT activity you could be doing during the day that can help you burn a lot of extra calories and make fat loss just that little bit easier.

I’m going to give you my top tips for NEAT activities that I do every day

Morning Walks

Start off your morning every day with a 20 – 30-minute power walk on an empty stomach. Not only is this going to kickstart your metabolism for the day, but because you’re doing it on an empty stomach you’re going to be burning fat as a fuel source as opposed to carbohydrates.

This will teach your body to become metabolically flexible and be able to switch from fats to carbs when it needs to.

When I say a morning walk I mean give it some intensity, my favourite thing to do is to chuck in my headphones and listen while power walking outside.

Another great idea is to go to a gym and do an incline walk on the treadmill, or if you have a treadmill at home get it out and do it there.

If you live close to work why not walk or ride a bike?

Here in Sydney, it’s faster to ride your bike than to drive or take public transport because it’s just so busy!

I can be at my job in 5 minutes when I ride my bike while if I was driving it’s easily 10 – 15 minutes.

If you’re in a busy city and the traffic is hectic, you can ride past everyone stuck in the traffic jam while you have a massive grin on your face.

5-minute breaks

Busy at work?

Set a timer for every 20 – 30 minutes and have a 5-minute break to get up and go for a walk around the office.

Do some bodyweight squats either at your desk or in the bathroom if you care what people think and just get the body moving.

If you’re at work for 8 hours and you go for 2 walks every hour that’s an extra 40 minutes of activity you’ve just managed to rack up.

Walk to get your groceries

Every Sunday is my meal prep day and I will walk down to the shops which is about 15 minutes away, do my grocery shopping and carry it all back in my backpack and green bags (don’t use plastic because they’re a bitch if they break on the way home, trust me).

When you’re carrying all of those heavy groceries for the week you’re going to notice it gets quite hard walking with all of that stuff.

Standing Desk

Standing up will help you burn more calories than sitting down.

It’s not just the standing, it’s also the fidgeting you will do while you’re standing up.

You’ll notice that you will never just stand in one place, you’ll change your stance, hop side to side and you’re more inclined walk over and speak to your colleague instead of sending them an email.

Walking at lunch

If you’ve got an hour lunch, then spend 20 minutes eating and the other 30 – 40 minutes going for a walk and getting some Vitamin D.

Most guys who’re stuck in their office all day are also vitamin D deficient so while you’re outside burning some extra calories you’re also getting your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Another great thing about walking after a meal is that it helps with your digestion.

Because you’ve just eaten and now you’re standing up and moving you’re promoting blood flow to the gut and you’re not compressing your organs.

Netflix and Cardio

This would still be classed as NEAT because even if it’s just a slow walk you’re still getting your body moving. Download some of your favourite netflix tv seasons and go for a walk on the treadmill or ride the bike.

Download some of your favourite Netflix tv seasons and go for a walk on the treadmill or ride the bike.

My client Steven does this every morning and has lost 10kg using this method.

Walk to the next bus stop

If you’re waiting for the train or the bus and it’s not going to arrive for 15  mintues or so why not walk to the next stop?

It’s usually only about 10 minutes away anyways and instead of sitting on your butt doing nothing, it’s better to just get up and go to the next stop.

Take the stairs

It’s pretty simple, but I can’t believe how many people will take the elevator or escalator instead of the stairs.

Wear a weighted vest

I actually heard this on a podcast the other day and I thought it was such a good idea.

This guy just wears a 5kg weight vest wherever he goes.

He does his shopping, wears it to the gym and even goes to work in it sometimes.

Carrying around an extra 5kg will add up to a lot more calories burned.


Walk after every meal

Like I wrote about this earlier and walking after lunch, this is a sneaky way to get in an extra 10 minutes of walking after breakfast, lunch and dinner which means that’s 30 more minutes you’re doing activity for.

Every time I eat, I get up and go for a walk to help with digestion and it also get’s me away from food, because sometimes I’m just craving a little bit more and when I leave the kitchen I’m not going to have it.

So if you struggle with overeating and you can get up and get out of the house you won’t eat the food.


Be Creative

This is just a quick list that I managed to rattle off in my head and I’m sure you can think of many more.

Have a think about things you do on a daily basis and how you could do them while doing some type of activity.

Comment Below if you come up with any cool ideas, I’d love to hear them!



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