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One Way I Avoid Gaining Fat When I Overeat

When’s the last time you had a binge or Drank a little too much alcohol (as in like 20 shots of vodka)?

I remember when I first started following strict diets to lose weight and I would stay on track and stay motivated for a few weeks, I’d start to make some progress and then I’d have a massive blowout or “cheat meal” and set myself back for two weeks. This meant that every time I would binge, it would take two weeks until I started seeing the scale move again. This really caused my results to take a lot longer than they should have but I just couldn’t control my urges.

The worst part was the guilt and the shame I used to feel afterwards, I’d hate myself, beat myself up with negative talk and I would never feel good about myself.

There were points where I wanted to completely give up and just throw in the towel, but luckily I’m just a hard headed person who doesn’t learn so I kept on going and going.

Eventually, after trial and error, I found something that works 100% of the time. That’s right it’s helped me avoid fat gain every time!

I want to share a story with you that I sent my email readers last week as to how I’ve discovered the one simple way to avoid the negative outcomes of a binge and avoid going backwards for two weeks or more.

The best part is you can start following this immediately!


Damn it!

Yesterday I made a big mistake.

It was all going well until about 4 pm and I then happened to run into the love of my life, but also my arch nemesis the Nutella jar AKA  👹‘Mr. Nutella man’👹

I started off my day nice and early with a HIIT workout and I absolutely crushed it.

After I destroyed my workout, I went home to create some client programs, broke my fast with a healthy lunch and I was feeling good.

Later on, I was then back in the gym and had just finished training clients, that’s when I started to feel peckish.

That’s also when Mr Nutella man showed his face. (He always manages to show up when he knows I’m having food cravings).

He was just chilling on the staffroom desk with a note left by one of the other trainers saying “Take this, I got given a few free ones”.

I tried to stay away, I really did, but I just couldn’t resist.

I told myself “I will just have a little bit to satisfy the craving and then stop”.

That “little” spoonful turned into me sitting down and going to town with the jar.

I was Feeling so good in the moment, yet five minutes later feeling so bad.

I had just eaten over 1000 calories in under 15 minutes (I told you I’m like a bottomless pit).

Even though I was feeling bad, it was only for a few minutes, the guilt quickly passed because of the special strategy I follow when this happens.

Whenever I have a blowout with food and I become a bit of a pig, I just increase my fasting period the next day.

Instead of following a 16/8 hour fasting period I will just do a 24 hour fast and have one healthy meal after 24 hours to get back on track.

This way I have just undone the blowout I had before and get me back on track with losing fat.

If I only eat one meal the next day that’s around 1200 calories and I usually eat 2700 calories a day, I’ve just put myself back in the deficit for the rest of the week.

So I’m still able to lose fat even with that hiccup that occurred.

So why is this important for you?

Simple, do exactly what I do the next time you stuff up.

We all are going to make mistakes and it’s just because we’re human.

If you drink too much on the weekend, if you eat too much food and pig out, don’t beat yourself up, don’t call yourself a failure, just simply do a 24 hour fast and eat one healthy meal the next day.

Make sure you stick to drinking water, black tea, black coffee or herbal teas and have a decent sized healthy meal for dinner that night.

I like to have a big piece of steak or chicken with half a sweet potato, a whole bunch of vegetables and half an avocado. This way I’m getting protein, healthy fats, carbs and veggies and making sure that the food is nutritious enough to keep me full until tomorrow.

I promise this will be one of the easiest strategies to counter the binge and you will feel great!

Hope this helps.

P.s – When you’re going to town on a Nutella jar, make sure you do it right and finish it, leave no survivors 😉




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