Tyson’s Online Coaching

Hey, what’s up! You’ve probably jumped on this page because there’s a connection between you and me.

Somewhere we’ve crossed paths (most likely on Instagram or Facebook) and you thought “this guy is alright”.

You’re likely on this page for one of three reasons (or a combination):

  1. You want to improve the way you look and feel
  2. You want to have someone to give you structure and routine
  3. You want to optimize your health

Regardless of your focus, you’ve probably come here because there is a disconnect between your current situation and where you want to be.

You know that if you could just get some routine in place you’d be able to achieve so much. You have most of the knowledge already, but you just need someone like me to help you connect all of the dots.

Perhaps you find yourself second-guessing yourself all the time. You are being bombarded with different diets and workouts and you don’t know what to do. Are you really choosing the best nutrition and training program for your goals?

Maybe you lack structure? You know the basics of good nutrition but you haven’t been able to turn that into an automatic process that you follow.

I’m going to help you get unstuck.


You can expect me to look after you and point you in the right direction.

I understand the importance of achieving your goals and the impact that can have on your life.

I also understand that you have a normal life you still want to live and you don’t want to eat chicken and broccoli out of a Tupperware container for breakfast lunch and dinner.

That why you are in good hands. It’s because I’m just like you.

I’ve been where you are and I know where you want to go.

You can expect me to come from a place of empathy and understanding the struggles you face.

I will set clear expectations, create actionable realistic targets on a weekly basis and constantly be checking in with you.

I come from a background evidence-based practice.

Basically, this means I have a deep understanding of scientific research and it allows me to guide you in the right direction with methods that have been proven to work.

I have helped many people like you, get the body they want.

From guys who want to fit back in their old suit.

To women wanting to lose 20 pounds and feel confident enough to wear a bikini on the beach.

I’ve helped couples who wanted to lose weight for their wedding.

And people from all walk of life.

My goal is to help you lose weight, look great without giving up the things you love (like drinking and chocolate).


This online coaching thing might be a bit confusing for you if you’ve never done it before, so let me give you an idea what you get.

Customized Workout Routines.

  • You will get a customised workout program tailored for your specific goals.
    Every day you will know exactly what to do in the gym and how to do it.
  • Exercises for every level – Whether you’re a newbie with little experience or you’ve been training for a while I’ll create exercises that are the most effective for you. These workouts are simple and easy to follow and will provide optimal results.
  • Exercise demonstrations – showing you exactly how to follow every exercise so you don’t feel “intimidated or embarrassed in the gym”
  • Train anywhere – You have access to the workout programs from anywhere over the world. Whether you live in Outback Australia like one of my clients Steven or you live in Downtown NY like my client Zach you will be able to follow this workout program.
  • Flexibilty – Your workout routine is not set in stone. If something gives you a niggle or twinge I will change the workout. This way you never have to think about “what could I do instead?”

Nutrition Guidance

70% of the results you get will come down to your diet. That’s why you’ll have specific guidance on how much you need to eat, what foods to eat and how to put together your own meals.

  • Customised Nutrition coaching based on your personality (macros, portions, Intermittent Fasting etc).
  • Never get stuck in a sticky situation again! – Going out for dinner and not sure what to eat? I’ve got you covered.
  • Daily videos on nutrition
  • Learning how to eat right for your body and how much you need to be eating on a daily basis

You will also learn how to enjoy weekends, birthdays and holidays without the feeling of guilt or gaining back the unwanted weight

24/7 Support Care And Attention

  • You will have me to support you every step of the way.
  • Twice a week you will have formal check-ins to see how you’re progressing, what’s going good and what we need to fix.
  • Each day you will have metrics to track in the Fitness Tracker. The metrics tracked will be dependant on your needs and focus.



I want to be completely transparent about a few things so that neither you nor I waste our time and resources. So to be clear, I can only work with people who are committed to making a change. I invest a lot of time and energy into each client, and I want you to put that same time and effort in yourself. Because of the time/effort, I put in, the amount of individualisation I have for each client and in addition to the over the top service and ability to get results, this is not a cheap service.

If pricing is a primary concern for you, it’s likely my service won’t be the best fit for you.

Before you submit an application to work with me, please check you fit the following criteria:

  1. You are not looking for a one-time meal plan. I don’t provide one-time meal plans. I  prefer deep ongoing relationships with you and teaching you how to put meals together yourself, thus getting the best results possible.
  2. You are not looking for a low-cost coaching. I provide an amazing service and I pride myself on that. Because of that, I price accordingly. If budget is an issue for you then there are likely better solutions out there for you than my coaching.
  3. You are not looking for medical advice. If you want specific medical advice for a clinical condition, then please consult a specialist. I am not a medical professional.
  4. You can commit to at least Twelve weeks of coaching. Dipping into this coaching for a short number of weeks just isn’t going to be of use to anyone. You won’t have time to see the real benefits of a coach and if you’re looking for a quick fix solution then online coaching isn’t the answer.
  5. You can commit to your word. Each weekend you are required to submit you check-in on time.
    You should have any data collected that is needed.  And you should be engaged with the process. If you want to be passive in the coaching or expect results to be spoon-fed to you, that isn’t going to happen.


So if you’ve read the above and you’re keen on learning more about it then I’d love to chat.

Apply below and then book in a time for a call.

From there we can decide if this will be a good fit for you and if it is, we can get you kickstarted