Want to Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life Without Restrictive Dieting, Cookie Cutter Workouts, Or Feeling “Obsessed” with Fitness? 

If you’re sick the empty promises of the fitness industry, I want you to take a good look at these pictures: 
Before we met, Joe was:
* Lacking in confidence and unsure how to get the body and life he deserved.
*Trying to piece together random workouts from guys he followed online with little to show for it.  
* Stuck at a plateau with his weight (it seemed like everything he ate went straight to his waist)
* Ashamed to take off his shirt at the beach
* Joe has transformed into a completely new man, confident at work and proud to take off his shirt at the beach

* Joe knows exactly what to do at the gym -- and in life. His confidence has skyrocketed and he’s no longer embarrassed to take his shirt off.

* The weight came off and has stayed off for good. Joe has built the long-term habits that have allowed him to keep losing the belly while still enjoying the foods he loves and without giving up the alcohol.

Let me explain. 

If you’re like Joe, you’ve been at this fitness thing for a while, but you’re not seeing progress.

You’ve been burned by the big, bold promises of banished belly fat and “fast fat loss” common in the fitness industry. 

I hear you because, frankly, I’ve walked miles in your shoes.

It’s Not Your Fault And I Can Help. 
Hi, I’m Tyson Brown, the Aussie trainer, who has helped hundreds of people just like you get the bodies they deserve.  

As embarrassing as it is to say, I used to be fat, out of shape, and unmotivated.

I spent hours playing video games, devoured pizza and hot chips like a ravenous dog, and wasted away on the couch playing video games. .
I was stumbling through like, accepting mediocrity until one fateful day.

I was walking on the beach, enjoying the warmth of the sun. Beads of sweat formed and I went to take off my shirt…...until a wave of unease washed over me.

Like Joe, I was terrified to take my shirt off.

I didn’t even like looking in the mirror...let alone allowing other people to see my shirtless.

It was at that moment the truth stuck to me like a searing sunburn: I was completely embarrassed by my body. 

I lacked more than the confidence to take my shirt off. I lacked the balls to push myself and become the best “Tyson” I could be. Not feeling motivated and not being the best version of myself was the most disappointing part…

And it’s this deep seeded disappointment I will help you fix.
Here’s how I did it, and how I’ll help you. 
I decided to join a gym and worked my ass off doing tons of cardio and followed the “bodybuilding diet” of six small meals a day. I put in tons of effort for months on end, but unfortunately I had little to show for it. I lost weight on my arms and legs and I looked skinny fat. 
I spent hours on end researching “diets and workouts.” Eventually I found the solution and I was finally able to achieve the body I wanted.

The key? Exercising less and having a realistic eating plan. 
Would you rather keep trying to piece together instagram workouts and diet plans spinning your wheels like me?

I didn’t think so. 
The worst part is you’ve been trying this fitness thing for a while now but you’re not seeing any results.
In a few months Joe had become a completely different guy.
It’s Time To Take Action, Take Control, 
And Take Off Your Shirt At The Beach
Like many people, Joe thought he could do it all on his own. 

The result? Over six months of grinding in the gym and eating like a bird and not seeing the scale or his stubborn belly bulge go down.

Things changed when Joe first came to me and we started online coaching. We did a complete overhaul of his workout program and created a plan designed to get him in and out of the gym in 45 minutes and focused on the exercises that would give him the best results for a lean body.

When it came to nutrition, Joe didn’t want to give up drinking on Friday night’s with his mates. I showed him exactly how he could still have the lifestyle he wanted and fit his nutrition habits around that.
Here’s How I’m Going To Help You Transform 
Your Life With The Time You Have
Transform your body forever with:
Custom Workout Plans. 

* Every day you're going to know exactly what to do when you step in the gym. From cardio to weight training, every aspect will be covered based on your needs and your goals. 

* You will never be standing around scratching your head wondering what to do today. You will never wonder if this is the “right program” for you. 

*You will have it all laid out for you in a custom app that you download to your phone with your own unique profile telling you exactly what to do. 

Customised nutritional planning. 

*You're going to learn the most effective way to eat so that you're constantly in fat burning mode day in and day out. You’ll burn fat daily without even having to think about it and getting results in half the time. 

*There will be no keto, no vegan, no paleo following this program. 

*You’re going to learn the truth about the best foods to eat that work for your body and how to make Intermittent Fasting a powerful tool so you don’t have to give up the beers you and your mates like to have on the weekend.
A turbocharge on your results. 

*Imagine being able to lose all of that stubborn belly fat faster than you ever thought possible? That's exactly what you will achieve. 

*Guys waste hundreds of dollars on supplements, gym memberships and workout gear, yet they still don't get the results they're after. But that’s not going to be you!

*You don’t have to go through the trial and error wondering what’s going to work and what’s not because you will have an exact step by step guide that is guaranteed to give you results.
Personal Accountability. 

In this story You’re Luke Skywalker and I’m your Yoda. 

You will be leading the way and I’ll be there to support you. I’ll keep you on track, I’ll keep you motivated and I’ll help you out of those sticky situations. 

Every step of the way you're going to have me as your guiding light to keep you motivated with personal accountability check-ins.
What' s Next?
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In just 4 months...
Imagine drinking beers with your mates on a Friday night without it going to your belly.

Imagine waking up, looking in the mirror and be proud of the body looking back at you.

Imagine being that guy on the cover of men’s fitness magazine. The guy who can walk on the beach feeling confident with his shirt off.
It’s time to stop imagining. It’s time to make “I wish” into “I do.”
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