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Why You Shouldn’t Try To Be Perfect

why perfection sucks


Have you ever felt like a failure because you didn’t get to follow your whole workout or you ate a few hundred calories more than you should have?

Do you feel like if you weren’t 100% perfect on your diet on the weekend that you’ve ruined some of your progress? If so then I want you to keep reading on because I’ve got something important for you to know.

I like to check in with my online clients every few days to make sure they’re on track with their diet and their workout.

I was messaging one of my clients, let’s call her “Jane” and we were discussing her progress.

She told me that she had managed to lose 1 pound in the last week and has been consistent with her diet but she was disappointed because it wasn’t “perfect”.

“What do you mean perfect?” I asked.

She said, “Well some days I didn’t hit all of my macros and some days I went over my calories, also I only worked out for 35 minutes instead of 45 minutes on two days because I was short on time”.

“But you still managed to lose a pound?” I asked

“Yes, but I could have gotten a better result if I was perfect”.

I was pretty taken aback by her comment and for the next 30 minutes, we went back and forth talking about perfection until I was able to help her understand what I’m going to share with you below.

The Perfection Myth

Everywhere you look on social media or in the gym it seems like the fitness gurus have it all figured out. You see pictures on their Instagram of them having all of their meals prepped, they’ve got a chiselled body and they would never eat something “bad”. It looks like they’re perfect, but that my friend, is a myth.

You can never be perfect in any area of your life because you are not a robot and you will make mistakes.

Just because it looks like mister fucking guru with his steamed broccoli and chicken looks like that’s all he ever eats, doesn’t mean that’s the truth. You’re putting a false image of your head about what it means to be fit and healthy because you think you must be “perfect” in order to have the body you want.

Just remember what you see on social media isn’t someone’s life 24/7.

Let me ask you this question, do you aim to be perfect in your job or as a parent?

I can guarantee you there are certain areas in your life where you’ve made mistakes and you weren’t perfect and you don’t expect yourself to be. You don’t think that you’ll never mistake at work or accidentally forget your kid has soccer practice. If you always thought that way you’d be mad.

Yet when it comes to trying to be fit and healthy you think that you can’t mess up, you have to be perfect or you’ve “failed”.

You need to stop thinking like that because it’s affecting how you think and what you think about yourself.

Consistency Over Perfection


An average plan executed consistently over time will give you better results than a perfect plan that’s never followed.

If you think you have to be perfect or there’s no use of trying then you have the wrong mindset. If you’re the type of person who thinks you have to do your 60 minute gym session and anything else is a waste of time that’s wrong. If you think you have to hit your exact macros and if you go over by a few hundred calories one day you’ve ruined the week, you haven’t. You’ve got to work on changing your mindset.

You need to focus on the long term approach and constantly be striving for perfection even though you will never get there. You’re never going to get 100% on everything every day for the rest of your life and that’s OK.

Doing a 30 minute workout because you’re short on time is much better than skipping the workout all together.

Hitting your calorie target one day and then overeating by 200 – 500 calories the next day doesn’t mean you’ve ruined your diet. You just need to focus on conistently being in a deficit as much as possible.

Stop Being Fooled

It’s great to look at other fitness people on social media for inspiration but don’t let those people trick you into thinking you’re not making progress. Any step forward you’re taking to get better is progress.

It’s the consistency that matters the most. If you can follow your workouts and your nutrition goals 80 – 90% of the time you’re going to get results.

They may not come as fast as you would like them to and it may be a little more of a struggle but in the end, you will get there.

Consistency always will triumph.

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