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A Quick Wakeup Call

It’s 5pm and you’ve just finished work for the day, you’ve planned to hit the gym afterwards but you’re feeling extremely tired and need something to boost your energy so you can work up the motivation workout and you decide to get a coffee.


As you walk out of your office and into the local coffee shop you order a triple espresso shot. The barista hands you your small cup with the concentrated syrupy contents and you don’t even hesitate. You  down that sucker fast and dispose of the cup, 15-minutes later you’re on the train and on the way to the gym, during this time you can feel the caffeine starting to be released into your body and that feeling of tiredness you have is quickly disappearing and being replaced with this magic energy that your wonderful coffee shot has just provided and now you know you’re going to have a good workout session.


Did what you read just surprise you when I wrote that you had a triple espresso shot? That’s a lot of coffee’s right? and you’ve been told it’s bad to have that much coffee in the afternoon.


​​ That triple espresso shot is the equivalent of a scoop of you normal pre-workout formula or consuming 3 caffeine pills. So why is it looked down at having that much coffee during the day, yet it’s fine to have your pre-workout?


The  truth is you shouldn’t be having that much caffeine that late in the afternoon because it will affect your sleep and can cause anxiousness and jitteriness.


But what I want you to be more wary of is just how much caffeine is in your pre-workout if you take it. Instead of taking a full scoop you might want to take it back just a  touch so you’re not pumping yourself full of caffeine at 5 in the afternoon.​​​​


But what if you don’t train in the afternoon, what if you train in the morning instead? Is it ok to have a pre workout then?


If you like taking your pre workout in the morning then that’s absolutely fine. Whether you’re a slow or fast metabolizer of caffeine isn’t really going to matter at this point because your body over  12 hours to get rid of the caffeine. The only thing I would suggest is that if you take a pre-workout then you cut back on your coffee consumption for the rest of the day so that you’re not over consuming too much caffeine.


Which is better?


If you had to choose one over the other I’d suggest the coffee because you’re  going to be getting more than just caffeine from a cup of coffee as opposed to the pre  workout.


Coffee has a high amount of antioxidants and polyphenols which are great for your long term health and coffee has also been shown to reduce the risk of alzheimer’s, dementia reducing the risk of cancer and it’s been shown that you are more of badass when people watch in awe as you down a triple espresso shot.

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