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Reach your goals in 2015

92% of people who set new years resolutions fail.


Well it’s that time of the year again, we’ve had a crazy Christmas holiday and now it’s time to bring on the New Year and you know what that means. We start reflecting on the year and start setting ourselves goals for what we want to accomplish. I think this is great! I love goal setting because it gives me clarity and inspiration and an eagerness to bring on the New Year. But I’m sure we’ve all done this before; and that is going hard for a week or two or maybe even a month and then we might take our foot off the gas a little bit less ever day or week and before you know it you’ve given up your resolution you’ve gone back to the same old you and then at the end of next year you will look back and say “what the hell happened?” I’ve done it before and it makes you feel like shit.

But this year I want to share with you guys some really awesome ways that have not only helped me but others with reaching their goals for the year to come. It’s not going to be easy but at the same time it’s not going to be the hardest thing to do either. As long as you are committed to achieving the goal you want, you will reach it. Remember it’s all about the planning of how you will achieve it and the mindset to be able to visualize your achievement. You have to believe that you will reach the goal otherwise I suggest you don’t even try, just go and be like everyone else. It may seem harsh but I just like to put it out there and be upfront because I hate trying to cover things up in BS. So lets get into the steps.

1. Plan S.M.A.R.T goals

I’m sure you’ve all heard the acronym for S.M.A.R.T goals (Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Timely) I think this is a great tool because it brings things into perspective. It actually makes you think about what you can accomplish in the year, but don’t let this restrain you from thinking big. Have big goals that will make you stretch and work hard for them and are still attainable. Adding 25kg to my squat is a smart goal, but adding 50 – 75kg there’s no chance. Starting a new business and making an income from it is a smart goal, creating a million dollar business in the first year is very unlikely! Starting a new fitness routine and saying you’re going to lose 10kg in 3 weeks is not only a non smart goal it is very stupid and will diminish your health. So I think you get the point of what a S.M.A.R.T goal is. Using smart goals to set up your plans will be the first thing to jumpstart you on the path.

2. Write out how you will achieve them

This one is huge and there have been numerous studies that show this is the foundation of completing your goals, and it’s really really easy! All you have to do is write down how you plan on achieving these goals. Let me tell you how I started adding cardio back into my routine… I set myself a goal that I wanted to be able to run 5km for 5 days a week again. I then wrote down how I would achieve that goal and planned it week by week so it went like this: For this month when my alarm wakes me up in the morning I will get straight out of bed have a drink of water put on my shoes and run for 1km for this month. It’s really as simple as that, as soon as you can gain clarity about how you can achieve your goals and write them out step by step what you need to do to achieve them, it makes your goals feel a lot more easier because now you can see exactly how you will achieve your goals. The more clearer you can see the goal and exactly how you can achieve it will break down the barriers that usually stop people when they want to reach a goal.

3. Build habits around them

Number two was the foundation for your goals and number three is the building blocks to carry out your goals. A great book I read to understand how powerful habits are and how they can change your life was called : The Power Of Habit; by Charles Duhigg. The basic consept of the book is that a lot of our everyday lives are driven by habits and a habit is something that has a Cue routine and a reward. You have to build a habit around things you want to change or accomplish so it becomes instinctual and like second nature. My cue for running was leaving my shoes at the door and my alarm. So as soon as my alarm woke me up every weekday, I would drink water get my shoes from the front door and be pounding the pavement within about 5 minutes (my routine) and my reward for this was the endorphin release after my run and the good feeling of running and moving towards my 5km goal. I also now have a habit for working on my business. Everyday at the same time I shut off all distractions (cue) and go hard for whatever I need to do for 50 minute time blocks(routine) my reward is for the remainder of that hour i mindlessly watch Youtube videos or sit on social media (Reward). It’s not easy at first to build them but once you start to rewire your brain neurons and form habits it will become so much easier to do what you have to do and get shit done. Seriously read the book.

This last thing isn’t really a step but I have to add it in there. This isn’t going to be easy, if you really think it will take you a day to plan your goals and then build a habit in a week or 2 you’re kidding yourself. Setting goals and actually working towards them will be hard but the payoff will be worth it, you will improve yourself, you will grow as a person and you will prove that you can achieve the goals you set in your life. But you have to want it bad enough!

If you can think of smart goals, physically write out how you’re going to achieve these goals and plan on how you’re going to progress weekly, monthly etc and then build habits around your goals, I promise you that you will have a great year. You will reach your goals and you may even go beyond what you planned and smash your goals, which would be amazing! But remember you need to take the time to plan and prepare what you want it won’t take 5 minutes but if you want it bad enough you will make the time and you will put in the work that is required. Make 2015 your year and kick some ass, don’t be like 92% of the world who fail, be the best you can be.

Stay Strong, Live Long and have a great New Year!


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