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Is It Really Just Calories?

I used to think all that mattered were calories in vs calories out and I’m sure you’ve heard that too.

You’ve been trying to lose weight, you’ve severely cut out every food imaginable and the scale just doesn’t budge. You speak to a friend or a coach and tell them you can’t lose weight and they say “then you’re not in a calorie deficit”. You want to jam your middle finger in front of their face because you know you’re in a calorie deficit since you’re only eating chicken and salad but still you’re left scratching your head.

I want to share with you a story about one of my online clients Jayme. Jayme is a busy guy who works in a family owned bakery. Due to being around pastries all day, he had slowly gained weight over the years and tipped the scale at 130 kg (286 lbs). Jayme knew he had to do something quick so he decided to cut out all carbs and fats and stick to eating chicken and salad every day and ramped up his exercise, doing loads of cardio and circuit training.

At first, Jayme started losing weight quickly and dropped 20 pounds but then his body came to a halt. His weight was stuck for over four months and it didn’t want to move. Jayme became frustrated and couldn’t figure out what he was doing wrong. 

He was eating 1200 calories a day and pushing himself to the limit with exercise and his body had had enough. But Jayme couldn’t lose weight despite all his hard work.

Since he had put so much stress on his body by eating too few calories, he had severely slowed down his metabolism, wreaked havoc on his hormones and Instead of having a lean physique he had now dug himself into a metabolic hole.

Jayme was eating like a bird. He couldn’t drop calories any further, but couldn’t lose fat. He felt like he was doomed for life and was ready to accept the fact that he would be fat forever. 
When Jayme and I started working together, the solution was clear: we needed to reverse diet. This meant we had to boost his metabolism by increasing his calories slowly over time until we could get his body out of stress and fat storage mode.

Jayme was scared but he had nothing to lose, he increased calories, slowly over time.  Within a few months, Jayme was eating about 2400 calories a day and actually feeling stuffed trying to eat that amount of food and that’s when he started noticing a difference. Jayme started to notice he had more energy in the morning again and the scale started dropping week by week and he busted through his plateau of 110kg then 100kg and now he’s at the 97kg mark and still going!

Here’s a text I got from him

If you’ve been dieting for months on end and not seeing progress, then you could have a metabolic issue. Jayme needed a gradual approach to ramp his body back up, repair hormone levels, and get his “metabolism firing” to lose fat and reveal his best body.

Does This Make The Calorie Equation a myth?

So maybe the calories in vs calories out isn’t as true as we thought it to be and calories don’t matter? I would still say yes calories do matter for a majority of the people for a majority of the time and MOST people who reduce their calories are going to lose weight.

For some people that isn’t the case anymore. When you drop your calories that low and your body adapts to it, that’s what hinders weight loss. If you’re only eating 1200 calories a day and you can’t seem to lose weight that is your new set point and if you were to do a fast and consume zero calories for a day or two, I can guarantee that you will lose weight so the calories in vs calories out still do play a role. Now, obviously you can’t not eat food and i’m sure you don’t want to be stuck in the situation like Jayme was above, but you very well could be and if this is you then there are some steps that you must be taking in order to fix it. The first thing you need to do is to follow the checklist below to find out if you really are in the metabolic damage situation.


How To Know If You’ve Got Metabolic Damage:

  • Low mood/libido
  • Weight loss has stalled for multiple weeks
  • Get your body weight in pounds and multiply it by 10
  • Download “MyFitnessPal”
  • Buy a food scale and track how many calories you’re eating
  • If you’re eating a lot less than this and still not losing weight then metabolic damage could be the answer.

If you feel like this might be you, send an email to and we can look further into this.

Your Aussie mate,


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