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How To Save Money Buying Healthy Food

Saving Money While Eating Healthy

Eating healthy on a budget can be a pain when certain food is expensive. We look at how much organic food costs and think that we will have to make a whole bunch of sacrifices from other areas of our lives.

I’ve been trying to figure this out for ages and i’ve picked up a few things that have really helped me save money. Living by myself in Sydney wasn’t always easy because it’s so expensive so I had to learn how to save money when I could. After learning different techniques from friends and family i’ve been able to saves hundreds of dollars a year by just making simple changes with my food shopping. This also means that you should be looking at different types of shops, like aldi and your local butcher.

Luckily it doesn’t always have to be as expensive as people think. In today’s podcast, I share with you simple tips you can use to in order to buy the healthy food you need and not break the bank.

One big tip that I share is to buy in bulk or to buy your food when it’s in season, this is perfect because food that’s in season is always going to be cheaper. I was able to pick up cauliflower for $2 a head which was an absolute bargain.


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