So the gym i work at has had a prowler sled for a while now and there aren’t many people that use it. Every time i walked past it i would always would say i’m going to use that one day, i always made excuses why i wouldn’t though and then one day after a workout i thought “eh screw it i’ll give it a go how hard can it be?” little did i know that it absolutely wrecked me, after i finished i literally was on my hands and knees nearly emptying my stomach over the gym floor. Ever since then i have loved the prowler!

Since using the prowler i have incorporated it into my own program and also my clients programs and the best thing is it’s one of the easiest things to incorporate, whether it be after a workout, before a workout, on a rest day or pretty much whenever you want to burn some extra calories and develop better conditioning.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder, powerlifter, strongman or just a normal gym goer, whether you’re cutting or bulking i always suggest that you do some form of cardio. But when it comes to types of cardio the prowler has become one of my favourites, because you can get it done fast, it burns a shit ton of calories and it also helps you become more powerful. If you want to change up your routine try adding in the prowler.


The are many benefits of the prowler and the main one’s i want to point out here are:

  • It’s simple to use
  • It builds up great conditioning
  • You can burn a lot of calories
  • Builds power and explosiveness
  • easy on the joints
  • Awesome leg workout

So they’re the main benefits of the prowler and there are a whole lot more (seriously if you look up the benefits of the prowler sled you will be surprised how many benefits there are). They’re also fun because you’re pushing yourself to a new limit and seeing how fast, or long or how much weight you can push. Get a friend and try to compete against each other!


So now you’re probably thinking well how do i put this into my workout without it effecting my lifting? It’s pretty easy actually… I like to use the prowler on my recovery days because it doesn’t effect my workouts for the rest of the week and it actually helps my legs recover. The reason it doesn’t make you sore the next day is because when you’re pushing the sled you’re only doing the concentric portion of the movement(pushing/lengthing) and there’s no eccentric movement (shortening of the muscle). Which means that your body isn’t going to be as fatigued or sore the next day. But you can program it in however you want, you can load it up to a reasonable weight and do sprints, you can load it up heavier and do prowler pulls or you can do prowler pushes for time. It’s really upto you. If you want to get your legs warmed up before a workout just do a few light sets, and if you are doing it on a cardio day start light with sprints and then go heavy with slower pushes or pulls. Here are some workouts that i’ve found which you can follow

Prowler Challenge by Elite FTS 

Workout on T Nation

and if you want to add some other work in between here’s a crossfit workout 

Seriously i cannot recommend the prowler enough, i would recommend anybody who wants to improve their strength, conditioning, cardio performance or power to start using the prowler.

What to do next

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Stay Strong. Live Long.


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