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Fat loss… the cheap and simple way

If you’re serious about fat loss then i’ve got a simple method you can use. This method is free, you don’t need a gym membership, you don’t need to buy equipment, heck you don’t even need to buy shoes if you can run barefoot.

For a while i was neglecting my cardiovascular health and i’ve been telling myself “I’ll start next week” and I just kept telling myself that week after week putting it off. I started to put on a few kilos “nothing too bad” I told myself but the weight was adding up and you could see it. Then one weekend I decided to go for a jog with my clients and it was such a struggle to keep up with them. By the end of it my lungs were tight, I was huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf and I honestly felt embarrassed. I told myself then and there that I’m not going to neglect my cardiovascular health anymore, i’m not going to be outrun by my clients, and i’m going to lose this gut.

I decided to start incorporating hill sprints into my routine twice a week and the results were astonishing! My body fat was melting off from this simple exercise, my lung capacity was increasing and I could run longer distances faster and without as much hassle. I want you to give this method a try and see what results you get from it. Here is the method:


  • Go for a 5 – 10 minute jog, enough to get yourself limber and warmed up
  • Find a hill to sprint up
  • Sprint up the hill as fast as you can
  • Walk back down slowly
  • Sprint back up the hill
  • Walk back down slowly
  • Repeat as many times as you can
  • Jog for 5 minutes to cool down
  • Stretch

This routine shouldn’t take you more than half an hour in the first few weeks. After finding your shoes running to the park, doing sprints until you can’t anymore, jogging home and stretching that will wind up being about 30 minutes and you’re done for the day. I know you’re probably thinking what’s so hard about sprinting up a hill? Just give this routine a try and then you can tell me what’s not hard about sprinting up a hill.

The reason I recommend doing hill sprints instead of flat sprints is because a lot of people like myself will just be getting back into sprinting and injuries can happen very quickly because our body isn’t used to it. Going from 0 – 100% and using muscles you haven’t used in a long time can cause all sorts of problems. Hill sprints are safer because you can push yourself as hard as you can but your body isn’t going to be able to produce enough speed and force to cause injury.


Here is a video of me explaining hill sprints.

What to do next

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Stay Strong. Live Long.



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