You Too Can Get A Body You’re Proud To Show Off

Joseph Sandall

I’ve dropped a lot of body fat and have been able to keep it off!

Josef Charlesworth

I’ve gone from couch slob with no energy to dropping 9kg (20 pounds) waking up in the morning and feeling energetic.

I’ve dropped a lot of body fat and have been able to keep it off!

Max Young

Caramel Cox

I have been training with Tyson since Feb 2015 (one on one since June 2015) and I have seen amazing results in that time, especially in weight loss and muscle definition.

Tyson is passionate about fitness and diet, bringing a charged enthusiasm and energy to each training session. He keeps you focused on your goals and is easy going, friendly – his personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Tyson makes each workout challenging and creative but most importantly, fun! He places a high value on correct form with each exercise, motivating me to push beyond my limits to achieve results. Age is not a barrier to him, as he is able to work with any age group. I have incredible energy; my balance and flexibility have improved immensely….

I have lost over 18kg training with Tyson.

Steven Papp

I have been training with Tyson for over three years now. He’s really helped me change my lifestyle and get really good results.

I have lost 10kg and gained a lot of lean muscle. I haven’t been this light in years and I feel great. I still get to enjoy going out on the weekend and eating the foods I want while also having the occasional drink and still losing weight by just by following a more structured lifestyle.

Aaron P

Amanda Fisher

I’ve always struggled with being feminine and getting strong because I felt like the two would conflict with each other.

Through training with Tyson he has shown me how to combine the two together and it feels amazing!

I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my body!

Thank you Tyson.

Mark Mavrikis

I’ve been training with Tyson for some time now and i’ve noticed such big changes. The biggest change i’m proud of is losing 10kg and 10cm around my hips. I feel more confident have more energy and Fitness has become such a big part of my life now.

Kylie Ivsic

Originally, I was drawn by Tyson’s teaching approach. I liked the way Tyson encouraged people to push further without being too ‘in your face’ but also ensuring correct technique wasn’t being compromised either.


Sky Chaterji

When I started training with Tyson he quickly noticed I had some muscular imbalances and knew exactly what to do to fix them, he also educated me about nutrition.

I lost a lot of body fat and have a nice lean, toned body that I’ve always wanted (no more jiggly bits). I also now have more self-confidence and a lot more energy than I’ve ever had. I lost 5% bodyfat and gained 5% of lean muscle.

Samuel Parrott

David Morison

 Bow Rennin

Christina Pestotnik-Lewis

So I’m not going to lie,  I was very nervous during the first 4 weeks of this journey. I had always been taught that to lose weight I need to go to extremes; cut calories and work out like crazy, so when my calories were set to 2500 a day I was scared of not making any progress or even worse, gaining more weight.

You see, I have lost weight before by restricting my calorie intake, and while I know that it did make me lose weight, it also made me develop Binge Eating Disorder.

Tyson assured me that the first month was going to be all about repairing my relationship with food. And guess what? I didn’t lose any weight in that first 4 weeks.

But you know what else I didn’t do? Binge. Not once. I even stopped overeating. I have not had this healthy of a relationship with food since I was a child in all honesty. Now that I took the time to heal my relationship with food and my mind, i am starting to see the physical results too. I cant stress to you enough how crucial that first 4 weeks was for me. I would never have been able to progress if I hadn’t done that first.

That is probably the biggest win out of everything because you were right, I got my mind fixed first and now I can work on my actual body and physical health.

Jesse D


I’ve still slimmed down a lot and just put on a lot of muscle in the time since we started which is awesome I’m feeling great!

Jorge K


Darren Ho


Nathan Sandy

Another big Change I’ve noticed since working with Tyson is that I’m personally staying consistent with my workouts.

Before Tyson, I was wishy-washy and not disciplined. But now with Tyson working out has almost become a staple part of my life. I don’t feel like it’s a chore anymore.

One thing I like is he doesn’t take your bull shit.

Tyson understands your personal sacrifice not only in time spent at the gym but also the financial sacrifice. So he’s going to listen to your goals and create the best program both exercise and diet specific to you and he will hold you accountable to them.

Tyson is young. And he cares about people. He genuinely cares about them. It’s not everyday you encounter a young man like that. He won’t just talk fitness with you. He’ll make you laugh and feel good,  He’s always contactable always there and always on your side and he’s always for you achieving your goals.

Lucy C

Since training with tyson I was able to lose 16kg. I didn’t even know I had that much weight to lose! I’m so glad that I’ve done this because now I’ve got so much energy all the time. I’ve taken up hiking and sailing! I wish I did this years ago.

Brett Crosbie

I wanted to share my 30-day challenge results! No booze, sugar and a low carb diet ( eating healthy) I lost 5kg and cm’s around my stomach!

I’m not done yet but making good progress towards my goal. With some discipline, exercise and a sensible diet, anyone can do this…

Thank you, Tyson!

Mel M

Aaron Ward

I’ve been training with Tyson for a few months and I completely changed the way I live.

I just wanted to learn about how to exercise, but I have learned so much more. I’m eating better, sleeping better and just living healthier.

The best thing is I’ve gained 6kg of muscle with no body fat!

I recommend anyone train with Tyson.

Josef Charlesworth

Sara K

Eric Sazer

Feras Mirdad

Tyson came highly recommended by at friend at the gym. He has helped me lose body fat and even more importantly tone up and gain muscle. The best features Tyson presents is his ability to really care for his clients and is a stickler for good form so I know I’m less prone to injury when I’m training now that i know how to train correctly. The progress I have made so far could not have been done without him!

Feras has lost 3kg of body fat. He has lost 8cm around his waist, 11cm around his hips. Gained 3cm of muscle in each of his legs and losing 4cm around his chest. He is the leanest he’s ever been.


Rachael Ashton

I started Training with Tyson because I needed extra motivation, which wasn’t a face to face PT as I knew the machines and weights but someone who I could catch up with but be given direct plans to keep myself motivated within the gym space and start to enjoy my training again. Tyson keeps me on track watching myfitness pal, adjusting calories and macros where needed and giving me good food ideas to stop me being bored and getting back to bad habits. Im a lot happier within my skin and don’t feel guilty when I go out for drinks with friends and family, I don’t beat myself up when I eat something bad either, I get back at it the next day and carry on with my training and tracking I find I have more energy and im a lot happier in general and I have found a healthy balance of life, food, exercise and social without it making me go insane. I also don’t weigh myself any more every day, Tyson has taught me and showed me scales can change constantly and to not always use weight as a progression tracker. Im glad I have the support of a good training personally and professionally, good work out programs friendly and always checks up on you.

Todd King

Jorge K

Madi Parrott

I have been training with Tyson for just four months now. My relationship with food has changed significantly, learning about my macros and working towards calorie deficit and hitting my protein goal wasn’t easy but Tyson helped me every step of the way. Daily check ins was the motivation I needed to get into the gym every day. I’m feeling happier and healthier and working consistently towards my weight loss goals. Best Trainer I’ve ever had.

K Tri Huynh

When I first started exercising I was doing weights day in day out and I quickly became demotivated, it became a boring routine. I decided to join Tyson’s HIIT class. The class was intensive, effective and most of all fun.

Tyson has this friendly and humble nature about him. I connected with him immediately. He can get tough when it’s needed.


Gawaine Newtown

A couple of friends from the gym had started training with Tyson and had been getting great results. They looked fab too. I wanted in. I decided to do one of his nightly Strength training classes to see if I liked his style and after the first one went and had a chat. I’ve been training with Tyson once a week ever since.

Since I have been training with Tyson, I have not only started to feel the changes in my body, I’m starting to see them. Tyson seems to get that different people work best in different ways. He tailored a program around what I wanted to achieve and how best to get there.
I’m a forty-year-old guy and achieving results aren’t the same as they were when I was 20, or even 30. The program has helped me achieve the results I have wanted; to tone and get stronger!

Tyson is making a name for himself as someone who cares about his clients. He actually does his homework when he’s not with you and will know where you’re up to even when you’ve had a manic day and cannot remember. He also trains himself and so it’s not a case of “Do as I say, not as I do”rather, “Do as I say cause I do it too, and it works!”

Tyson is making a name for himself as someone who cares about his clients. He actually does his homework when he’s not with you and will know where you’re up to even when you’ve had a manic day and cannot remember. He also trains himself and so it’s not a case of “Do as I say, not as I do” rather, “Do as I say cause I do it too, and it works!”

Peter Maclean

Joseph Sandall

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