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The year of the bulk

A Quick update from me

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Today I want to do something selfish and write about myself and just share with you where I’m at right now in regards to my health and fitness and my goals. I’m always sharing with you fitness tips and tricks and it might be easy to think that I’m always on top of my A-game, but that’s not always true…

Rewind Time

When I got back from my overseas trip last year in July I was feeling really ill for a few days after.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong because it wasn’t a normal illness, it wasn’t like I was throwing up or anything like that. I just had an uneasy feeling in my stomach all the time.

After getting some stool tests done (poop tests) I found out I had Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth or (SIBO). This pretty much just meant I had bacteria in my stomach and it was affecting my gut flora.

After discovering this I decided to seek some advice from a naturopath who helped me find a diet to eliminate the SIBO. It was a diet that was very high in fat and virtually no carbs, it wasn’t quite Keto but it was close!

After curing the SIBO other things started happening with my health.  I wasn’t sleeping right, I had low energy I didn’t have motivation for the gym and I had a really low libido. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and I thought maybe I just wasn’t getting enough sleep.

I decided to go and get some blood tests done to see if anything was out of whack ( I was thinking maybe low iron or Vitamin B minerals).

It turns out that I had extremely low testosterone actually, the doctor said it was lower than a 14-year-old anorexic girl. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard, how could I, a 21-year-old young man have no testosterone?

I asked her and she couldn’t explain it either. After being diagnosed with low testosterone I was then told to get some additional tests done on my body to make sure there was nothing in my brain like a tumour that could be stopping certain signals being sent.

This took weeks of different tests to discover what my problem was and we still couldn’t figure it out. After getting my brain scanned and discovered it wasn’t a tumour (thankfully)I was told to go and have a DEXA scan which measured my body fat and bone density.

After getting the results back I found out that I had lost 3kg of muscle since I’d last had my last Dexa done which was a year ago. I was devastated.

After talking to my doctor about this she then told me that I have to put on weight because my body fat was at 8% and it was too low.

This didn’t sound right because there were people everywhere walking around at 8% body fat at my age, but I didn’t want to question my doctor because she knew best (or so I thought).

After thinking it over for a few days I decided that I needed a second opinion. I then went and consulted with a very highly regarded nutrition expert to ask him if there was something in my diet that could be causing this.

I told him I ate avocado and nuts every day and I thought I was getting enough of the healthy fats I needed, I had also told him that I had stopped eating carbs to cure my SIBO a few months ago and that’s when he stopped me.

“You stopped eating carbs”? he asked.

“Yes, I had to”,

“There’s your problem right there” he answered.

I couldn’t understand because I had always heard that consuming high healthy fats are what help with testosterone, but it turns out some people need carbohydrates in order to help functions in the body produce things like testosterone.

Once he explained this in a clear manner and showed me some studies it all started to make sense.

He told me to slowly start adding carbs back into my diet and see how my body felt.

Current Moment

That had been the last 8 months of my life; doing different tests and experimenting with different things. My testosterone still isn’t back to where it will be yet but it’s definitely on the rise.

The more I seem to increase my carbohydrates the better I’m feeling and I’ve also got my libido back which is always a good sign.

At the current moment, I’m waiting to hear back from my next batch of blood results to see how things are looking.

When I first found out I lost 3kg of muscle mass I was shocked, I really couldn’t believe all of that hard work I had put into the gym didn’t pay off.

After dwelling on this for a while I realised that I couldn’t do anything about it and I have to learn from this mistake.


Year Of The Bulk

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I decided to make a decision to start doing a lean bulk this year to gain that muscle mass I’d lost, to increase my testosterone and to also get into a new mindset with my training and nutrition.

This is why I decided to start a video blog to share with you, my journey of trying to gain muscle, increase my testosterone and become the best version of myself.

There are constant struggles that I have, like waking up and feeling like I’m too fat or sometimes I just end up overeating too much food, but that’s also why I want to share these struggles with you on the video so that you can see even trainers go through the exact same things you do.

Being a personal trainer doesn’t always mean that I’m at the pinnacle of my health and I want you to see that I face the exact struggles you do and you’re not alone on this journey!

Join My Journey

If you are interested in watching my journey to build some muscle and get my testosterone back, then you can watch my daily video blogs by clicking below:


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