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How To Travel And Avoid The Weight Gain Pt. 1

It’s the countdown to holiday time! You’ve checked out from work, you’ve got your bags packed and tomorrow you are jumping on a plane to god knows where for the next two weeks you’re planning on doing sweet FA.


Today I want to share with you some tips to make your holiday trip a little bit healthier before you get there and on your way back so you can enjoy your holiday without any aches, pains or stiffness.


Before the flight


If you’re going to be catching a fairly long flight (like I am as I’m writing this) then you will want to do a few things before the flight to keep your body pain free.


The first thing might not come to any surprise but it’s to simply do some exercise. If your flight isn’t until 10 or 11 am you’ve got the morning to do an hour or so of exercise or even just going for a walk before you get to the airport. The worst thing you can do is sit around the house doing nothing and then sit in the airport doing nothing and then sit on the plane for the next 14 hours also doing nothing. All of that prolonged sitting is not going to do you any good at all.


So if you have the opportunity in the morning, do some exercise. Unfortunately for me, I had to be at the airport by 7 am which meant there were no gym opens. Instead, I just decided to go for an hour walk to get my body moving and do something because something is a lot better than nothing.


Once you’ve arrived at the airport which is usually two hours before your flight you should not be sitting down at the gate the whole time. Get up and walk around, look at the shops in theduty-freee area or just walk around the terminals and listen to a podcast or an audio book.


While it doesn’t sound exciting, it’s a lot healthier than sitting on your ass waiting two hours for a flight.


On the plane


As I’m writing while I’m on the plane I’ve set a time to go off every 45 minutes so I can get up, move around for 2 minutes and then sit back down. It can be something as simple as doing some stretches in the hall, walking up and down the aisles or if you’re a weirdo like me and want to take things a little bit further, do some bodyweight exercises in the galley area. This will also help prevent your blood from pooling in your legs when you sit too long.


Pro tip

Don’t forget to drink lots of water during your flight to stay hydrated and this will also remind you to get up more often since you will have to pee frequently.




Take some healthy snacks with you on the plane and try to avoid all of the airplane food if you can. All of those carbs and fats are just going to be sitting in your belly the whole time and will not do your body any good.

Some of my favourite snacks to take with me while I’m travelling are:


  • Protein bars
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Beef Jerky
  • Fruit
  • protein powder


Again nothing too sexy here but it’s going to do your body a lot better than the airplane food.

If you do have to choose airplane food make sure to pick something like beef or chicken and avoid the carbs and desserts or better yet just do a prolonged fast.


In Summary

This list isn’t too crazy, I want to create something simple and easy enough for you to follow and that will also give you the biggest bang for your buck. There is nothing worse than getting off a long flight and having pain in your lower back or feeling like crap on the first day of you holiday. So in short here’s what to do:


  • Do some exercise before your flight (even if it’s just walking)
  • Walk as much as possible in the airport before you board your flight
  • Put a timer on your phone to remind you to get up every 45 minutes and move around
  • Stretch and get up often
  • Avoid airplane food and bring your own healthy snacks, choose lean sources of protein and avoid the carbohydrates or just do a prolonged fast


This may seem like overkill because I know you just want to switch off from everything, but remember health and fitness doesn’t “switch off” you always need to be taking care of your health even when you’re on holidays and while you might not want to focus so much on eating “clean” and training hard, implementing just a few minor things will help make all of the difference.


P.s – Keep an eye out for part two next week in which I talk about how to avoid gaining fat on holidays.


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