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Eat less food with this simple tip

Have you ever thought about that the size of your plate or your bowl could actually stop you from losing weight? Yes the things you eat off or out of can actually be stunting your fat loss progress because of the amount of food you can fit on there, and the psychological trick you’re playing on your brain.


An old  Study

A funny thing happened back in 2005 when some  scientists wanted to see if people would eat more food if they were given bigger portion sizes. So they decided to give two groups of movie goers stale popcorn in buckets before the movie. One group got a small bucket and one group got a large bucket. The scientists weighed the buckets before they gave them to the groups and then after the movie was finished they weighed them again. What they discovered was even though the popcorn was horrible and stale, people tended to eat more popcorn if they were given the bigger buckets. This was a pretty short basic story of the study, so if you want to read the whole thing you can do it by clicking on this link.

We don’t realise that our portion sizes actually determine how much we eat and when our body tells us we’re full. If you eat out of a bigger bowl, it will take you longer to get full and also your brain will keep saying “There’s more food in the bowl so you need to keep eating”. This is where we slip up because we are unconsciously doing this to ourselves all the time.

What to do?

An easy way to overcome this and help reduce your hunger, is to trick your brain and use a smaller plate,cup, bowl etc. This may sound really simple and you probably think it doesn’t work but just give it a try. Next time you go to cook dinner look for one of the biggest and  smallest plates you can find. Put all of your food on the big plate first and realise how small the food looks on the big plate. Then put all of your food on the smaller plate. All of a sudden it looks like there’s a lot more food in front of you and you probably can’t even fit all of your food on the smaller plate anyways because there’s not enough room. So you’ve just reduced the amount of food you can eat in one sitting.

Once you start using smaller cutlery what you’re going to do is train your brain to tell you to eat less foods during meals, send signals to say you’re full and give yourself the impression that you’ve eaten a lot of food. This is one of the easiest things you can do when it comes to eating less food and being able to control yourself. All of a sudden you will notice that you’re starting to make progress again, or faster progress than you have been making and you’re going to get back into fat loss mode.


What to do next

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Stay Strong, Live Long.


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