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We’ve all seen those photos of guys and girls on the cover of men’s health, muscle & fitness, woman’s health and all of those magazines. The people on T.V and Instagram who just look great all of the time.  All of those ripped people with six packs, defined shoulders popping out and the bodybuilders who look like a million bucks.  They are the people who we wish we could look like, they look like they have it all together, not a blemish on them, great skin tone,  and no other deformity; in other words, they look perfect.

Selling False Hope

Think of someone who you’ve seen recently whether it be on a magazine or on T.V who you really wish you could look like. Imagine if you could get that body, how good would it feel? All you have to do is take this one special supplement they take or this amazing fat burner and you too could look like them. They always seem to have the magic ingredient, that silver bullet that will get us the body we want. We spend our hard earn money on these pills or workout programs and we follow them religiously because we just want to look great.

Let me just shatter your dreams right here and now. YOU WILL NEVER GET THAT BODY.  Now you can send me hate mail and tell everyone that I’m jealous because i can’t get those results or look half as good as them, maybe it’s because I just don’t work hard enough, or don’t have the right genes or any other excuse under the sun, but hear me out for a second.

All of those photos you see of people on the magazines and on Instagram are edited and 90% are on some type of drug. There is special lighting, photoshop software, professional makeup artists, designers and photographers, filters and a whole lot of drugs that make those people look the way they do. There is no secret protein powder that will help you put on 20kg of muscle. There is no special workout or diet or fat burner that will make you look like a million bucks every day of your life. If something like a special pill did exist everyone would be taking it and we would all look great and be in a happy world, unfortunately that’s not the case, what makes this person’s product so different from the rest of the market out there? Not much actually, A lot of it is just snake oil and it’s really sad.

If you saw the person who was just on the cover of a magazine walking down the street they would not look anywhere as good as they did in that photo. Sure they might still have a good body, some clearly defined abs and a decent pair of arms, but it’s not what you’re imagining you can get.  They aren’t walking around with such a low percentage of body fat all year around naturally.

We get so caught up in what we see on social media, Instagram, magazines and the media that it changes the way we think. We think we have to look a certain way because of how someone has been portrayed and now that’s classed as “normal”. We have to be 8% body fat so everyone can see our chiseled abs all year round and so people will notice us; This is such an unhealthy mentality to have because it makes us feel like we’re never good enough.

The reason I am bringing this up is because it makes us think that we just aren’t working hard enough or there’s some secret ingredient we don’t have. Then we get this false sense of hope and every day we look in the mirror with this depression because we compare ourselves to the images and photos of people who we want to look like. You can put in so much hard work and dedication, you train 4 – 5 times a week, you eat great and track your macros and you might actually look really good, but your self-esteem is quickly crushed when you compare yourself to a magazine model. People compliment you on your progress and hard work; You wake up and see that you’ve lost a kilo this week and you feel great, then you see the guy on the front of the magazine and you think you’ll never look as good as that then you start feeling down about yourself again.

Just copy them

Maybe if you just follow their magic program you can look like them? You buy their workout program that’s a cookie cutter program because this is the one you need.  Unfortunately, these workouts that you’re told about these people don’t even follow and also the type of isolation exercises they get you to do are just ridiculous. If you’re natural and never plan on taking drugs you should not follow the typical 1-day body part split period.

If that person who you want to be like is on drugs (most likely are) and you want to be natural your whole life, there is a huge chance that you will not look like that person, I’m sorry to say it but that’s the truth. Drugs are such a big part of sports, and fitness (it’s more common than you think) and most people who tell you they’re natural are lying.

The media loves to show you these people so you buy supplements, workout, magazines and anything else they can sell you. Who wants to see a normal guy who lost 10kg naturally in 3 months? when instead you can see a guy who took steroids, lost 7 kgs of fat and put on 15 kgs of lean muscle in 10 weeks. We’re being tricked and it’s ruining our self-esteem.

Be Happy with your progress

You should be happy with the progress you have made and the hard work you put in. If you’ve lost 5 or 10 kgs of fat or gained 5 kgs of muscle that’s still a good achievement! If you have a low body fat percent of below 15% that’s fucking great! You’re healthier and better looking than 90% of the population you should be proud of that. Just because your six pack isn’t split perfectly or bulging from your abdomen doesn’t mean you don’t look good. I bet some of you like me are pretty lean but still are embarrassed when you go down to the beach and take your shirt off or feel uncomfortable when getting changed because you have some false idea in your head that you look like shit when it’s simply not true!

This dysmorphia has got to stop, we can’t keep chasing that gold at the end of the rainbow and repeatedly have our dreams of our perfect body crushed. Take a moment to look back at photo’s of how you used to be and compare yourself now, Look at your results, think about the lifestyle habits you’ve changed in your life.  If you’ve changed for the better you should be happy with your results so far. You look better than you did and that’s all that matters. Sure it’s great to have someone to bench mark off of but just remember to not give yourself that false hope and strive for something that is unachievable. As long as you’re making progress to look better, feel better and perform better that’s all that matters.

Don’t let the magazines crush your dreams. Work hard, stay positive and make progress.

Stay Strong, Live Long.



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