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Who Needs Cardio?

On Sunday, I decided that I needed to start doing some cardio again.

Actually, I didn’t decide at all, my coach decided for me.

Usually, I don’t do Sunday cardio but I missed out on my cardio session during the week, and I didn’t want to tell him that I skipped it because I didn’t want to sound lazy.

It had been a while since I had done any cardio, but I slowly made my way down to the gym, strapped myself in and started to warm up.

At first, I wasn’t feeling motivated, I wanted to spend my Sunday morning relaxing and just watching youtube videos.

But I put on some good music to get me “in the zone” and after 10 minutes of warming up and slowly increasing the intensity I was then ready to rock and roll.

I did a set of intervals consisting of 1 minute of sprints and 1 minute of rest and repeated it for 10 times.

After the 20 minutes of intervals, I was completely exhausted, but I felt amazing.

I love the endorphin rush I get after a cardio workout because it just makes my day so much better. Yes I was tired but I felt good I accomplished my goal and then I had the rest of my day to chill out.

The thing that is important about this is that I had someone who is keeping me accountable.

I could have easily skipped the cardio session if I didn’t have to follow the routine my coach had given me for the week.

I could have easily just stayed at home and just laid around all day, but because I had that accountability I was more motivated to do it.

How are you keeping accountable?

If you are struggling to stay on track and you need someone to keep you motivated then you need to reach out to me.

At the moment I’ve got two spots for my online coaching program and one big thing that I focus on is accountability.

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