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Your Mindset Is Holding You Back

Todays going to be just a pretty quick blog post for you guys but I think it’s incredibly important. It’s all about your mindset and what goes on in your head.

A few weeks ago a lot of things were happening at once for me, started working two jobs, I was working on my side business, I was trying to market to more clients, and also handle new clients, starting up this website and a whole lot more. I wasn’t sleeping enough, and my head just wasn’t in the right place, especially when it came to working out.

I felt like I was just going through the motions and I wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I should be. I was cutting workouts short because I didn’t feel it or I would just get distracted with all of my thoughts and mindlessly do the exercises.

One day after work and I was dreading the gym because I didn’t want to go in there with the shitty mindset I had and waste time, I was making excuses like oh well I had to move a lot of stock in the warehouse today and I don’t really have enough time tonight to get through my workout because I worked overtime; all of the BS excuses we somehow make up so we feel better about ourselves. On my way to the gym though I was listening to an awesome podcast by Zac Even-Esh If you haven’t heard of him I suggest you check him out here: .  Zac was talking about how you just have to push yourself and not make excuses; if you put your mind to it you can do it. It doesn’t matter how tired your body is on the day, if you have a 100% set mindset of achievement and that you will kick ass today you will achieve it whether that be in the gym, in business or in any area of life.

When he was saying it’s all about the mindset something clicked for me and I thought you know what he’s absolutely right I need to stop making some BS excuses and having a crappy mindset and being weak. I went to the gym and set myself a goal before I entered. It was either go in and smash my workout and push myself or don’t even step foot in the door because I was not going allow myself to go half assed. I put in my headphones, cranked my favourite music and went hard, and I came out feeling exhausted and accomplished. I actually forgot what it was like to mentally and physically push myself (god it feels great!).

Ever since that day I have been having great workouts and really going hard improving all of my lifts week by week. This has also been helping with my business, as soon as I get determined and have a goal in my mind I work towards it and make sure my mind is set on getting what I want.

It doesn’t matter how tired you are or what you’re trying to accomplish; if you have a shitty mindset you’re going to get shitty results PERIOD! You can’t doubt yourself because that’s when you make mistakes in business, or you injure yourself in the gym. Start changing your mindset and thinking that you can achieve what you’re going for, get yourself fired up, get determined! No matter what anybody says if they doubt you ignore them and go for your goal, but be realistic. When I mean be realistic I mean have a good mindset but don’t say I’m going to bench 300lbs tomorrow when you can’t even bench 200lbs that’s just a disaster waiting to happen, the same as in business you can’t say well I’m going to make $1 million tomorrow sorry but it just isn’t going to happen.

You need to learn to develop a strong mindset so you can dominate all the areas of your life and not be weak or feel down.  So what have you been putting off or making excuses about? I want you and go and do something about it. Lift some heavy ass weight, grind it out in the gym or at your job and do what you have to do to get the results you want! Don’t put it off, Improve your mindset and you will improve you life!

What to do next

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Stay Strong. Live Long.



Stay Strong, Live long


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